Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Not Here

I'm in Atlanta! (well I will be later today...right now I am at my computer in the kitchen when I should be finishing up the packing)

Woo Hoo!! Going away for a few days. Yup, going to visit some friends. I won't be on the computer, no reading blogs (sob), no checking email (god, can you imagine how full my inbox will be??) no Facebook.

Wait, wait a minute no Facebook??!! you have any idea what will happen to my cars in Parking Wars??? My God....I am going to have all kinds of violations...Plus, everyone will be parking on my street and earning more money...

I am appealing to my Parking Wars friends...DutchBitch, Shelli, Stacie and Blonde Blogger, please take pity on me and my little cars. They are not parked illegally on purpose. They will be moved as soon as I get home (or find a computer).

Meanwhile, everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend and don't start any internet drama without me.


Girl, Dislocated said...

Have a safe trip and a great time over there!

Avitable said...

How can you live for a few days without a computer?

DutchBitch said...

Errr... I might have gotten round to reading this post a tad too late... * sorry *

But then, nobody showed me a.n.y. mercy in the week The Guy was here!!! pffttt!!!

Besides, I had to make it to the Parking Virtuoso level and us Virtuosos take no prisoners... ya know... It's not called Parking WARS for nuttin...

So I can safely park in your streets over the next few days, I guess.. heh

Shelli said...

I have limited Internet myself, so no worries.

Ann(ie) said...

Have so much fun. I need the rundown on facebook. I cannot get back into my profile and I don't really get what you do out there. I need Facebook 101.

Anonymous said...

A trip to Atlanta? That would be just a couple hours away from my new grandson in SC. Hope you have a great time! KG's mom

Not a Granny said...

girl-thanks! We had a great trip.

avitable-only with lots of wine.

dutchbitch-virtuosos...when is that casino car coming back to my street???

shelli-poor thing. It does make you think though, doesn't it.

ann(ie)-I really only play a few games and irritate some friends by sending them silly things.

KGs mom-by the time we get to Atlanta we don't do anything except vegetate. I hate that traffic!!