Monday, May 19, 2008

It Has to Get Better

Last week sucked. It really, really sucked. I really hope this week is better.

We received word that one of the grants that we get annually will not be renewed this year. We have been receiving it for 20 years. We didn't do anything wrong, there just isn't any money in the budget for this funding.

We aren't the only agency affected by this either. 18 other non-profits have been receiving money from this source. They are loosing it also. These other agencies do everything from sheltering homeless, to feeding homeless, to working with visually and hearing impaired people. One agency provides medical care to uninsured and under insured people.

This is going to be a hell year for non profits.

We are having a fundraiser in 2 weeks. The event is a Old Fashioned New England Clam Bake. You get fresh Maine lobster, clams, shrimp, potatoes and corn on the cob. We've only sold 35 tickets to date.

We really need this money to replace what we are loosing. Not only with this one grant, but the cut we are taking from a couple of federal grants.

I don't want to be unemployed.


Avitable said...

Where is the Clam Bake? Palm Coast?

Not a Granny said...

Avitable-It is here in Dade City. Tickets are $75 each.

I am Trish Marie said...

Too bad we aren't closer, I'd buy tickets!

Not a Granny said...

trish marie-thanks, I appreciate the thought.

Jennifer said...

Oh man, we're feelin the pinch up here as well. I have friends that rely on govt funding to run various programs, the money just isn't there.

Hope something works out for ya.

Mr. Fabulous said...

This makes me ill. Important services and programs like that are taking it in the shorts, but there is plenty of money for this motherfucking war. It makes me crazy!

Miss Britt said...

Adam was telling me about this. I wish I wasn't going to be out of town that weekend.

Stacie said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I am sending good thoughts your way that those tickets sell like hotcakes before the event!

*~*Cece*~* said...

I've never been to a clam bake that sounds wonderful. Too bad I'm in CA. Good luck w/the fund raiser.

Amy said...

A clam bake sounds like a blast, I am such a sucker for seafood. Too bad I'm in California! :(

This situation really pisses me off beyond belief. Maybe the government should tap some of these oil companies to make up the gap. They have so much money they are just about to use it for kindling at a weenie roast.

Girl, Dislocated said...

I'm just imagining the ripple effect this is going to have beyond the affected agencies. AWFUL.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the non-profits and for your job security.