Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gotta Love the Man

I made the most fantastic dinner this last weekend!

What, you sound surprised? Yes, I cook. I also do the laundry, (well, mine), I clean, (I supervise the hiring of the cleaning lady), I make sure the dogs have their flea medicine, get to the groomers and vet. I am a very busy person and I found the time to make a great dinner.

Snow Crab legs! Yummy.

I love crab. Whether it is Snow Crab, King Crab, Blue crabs (well, them not so much). My all time favorite of course is Dungeness. But here in Florida you have to mortgage your house to get good Dungeness Crab, so we settle for Snow Crab.

Anyway, we steamed the buggers for about 8 minutes. Wow, were they wonderful.

Once I got to eat it, that is.

One thing I had forgotten about crab legs. The amount of work there is to get to any type of substantial food.

I have my crab leg clusters, saving the claw for last of course. I am breaking the legs off of the cluster part and cracking them open. I have this small pile of shredded crab on my plate. Now, I am not one to get the crab out and eat it all immediately. That completely defeats the purpose. You must have a pile of crab on your plate that you can then lovingly pierce with your fork, dip into the butter and let slide into your mouth. Why do that and then have to struggle through another damn shell cracking, mess??

Anyway, I digress, as usual.

I look over at Not a Grampy's plate and he is pulling huge pieces of crab out of the legs. Not shredded??? WTF?

"Hey" I whine, "my legs are defective, I want yours."

He looks over at my plate and smirks.

"Honey, just pull the leg apart at the joint, crack the tip and it all pulls out" He then proceeded to demonstrate....again.

While struggling with my damn crab legs, I end up with more shell in my shredded crab than crab. While Not a Grampy is proceeding on to his third set of legs, leaving no crab on his plate, I might add.

He looks at my pathetic attempts to crack the legs and finally takes pity on me.

While I am sitting there happily sipping my wine, Not a Grampy cracks all the crab legs, and lays all the meat out on a plate, in huge chunks I might add for both of us to enjoy!

Every now and then being pathetic has it rewards. And I didn't have to do dishes either! *smirk*


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Snow crab rocks! Have you ever had a great big leg and find it half empty? Weird, but oh so good!

Jennifer said...

My favorite is king crab. I haven't had dungeness, Glen has had it, but I was pregnant and nauseous so I was off most food at the time. He said that was his new favorite.

See, now you just have to make more snow crab to practice your skills.

We have it down to an art, we don't even use the crackers unless its on the claw.

My trick for getting out a whole chunk of meat, snap at the joint, and push in the meat slightly with your finger. Then bend the leg in the middle until it just cracks, flip it over and do the same to the other side in the same place - pull apart and unless it is over cooked, it will slide right out - WHOLE. Mmmmmm.

Mr. Fabulous said... took till near the end, but I see you mentioned the wine...

Not a Granny said...

lunch lady-actually I have. I always accuse whoever is cooking it of stealing my crab.

jennifer-I love King Crab also. You should me struggling to crack those legs!! Thank God in most restaurants they split them for me!

Mr. Fab-now, can you imagine me ever not having wine???

Tug said...

Um...I guess my invite was lost in the mail??

Tall Man Molly said...

Getting out the crab meat is an art. We used to go crabbing when I was a child. One time I told on my Dad at Show and Tell. I didn't know it was illegal to look at other pots......but the Teacher did.

Bella said...

I love crab legs too!

Only I hate to crack them and all. I wish i could just get someone to do all that for me!

=) Bella

Jersey Girl 43 said...

My favorite is stone crabs. I always go for the first pull Oct 16. Then I eat my heart's content until early November. Then I swell up like a poisin dog and rest again until the next October.

I am Trish Marie said... I am hungry!

Sharpie said...

Sounds like he's a keeper!

Rose said...

Sounds like quite the time you had with them there legs. lol I don't like seafood so I'll pass on the crab.

Nanna said...

Oooh - I so need Not a Grampy around. My crabmeat always comes out all shredded too!

catscratch diva said...

Yum! I love crab or lobster bisque!!!

Kentucky Girl said...

I guess I shouldn't mention that you can't walk down the street here without tripping over dungeness crab..right? Or that I had a crab sandwich for lunch today..with cheese melted over top of the open face sandwich...and that it was loaded with dungeness...and that it was only $7. heee! Our street vendors sell know like they have hot dog vendors only we have DUNGENESS CRAB VENDORS. God. I know. I could die, too. I probably will die from high cholesterol from stuffing my pie-hole full of it. hehe

Kentucky Girl said...

Uhm, I shouldn't also mention that Doug and I go to "Crab feed" events where it is $30 for all you can eat crab plus other foods and wine. . . right. I shouldn't mention that.

I probably don't need to mention that when Doug's organization hosts these events that he brings home gallon bags FULL of crab..and that we feed the cats and dogs some of it because we could never eat it all.

Okay...I won't mention it. heeeeee!