Friday, May 2, 2008

I Blame It On Computers

Do you remember Penmanship Class in school?

When the teachers would teach us cursive writing, how to combine the letters. I would practice for hours. Then later in Jr. High (yes, I had Jr. High, not middle school), we would all practice improving our cursive. Writing our names in flowery cursive.

I used to write letters. Use stationary, unlined stationary at that!!

Now, I can't even read my own handwriting. Besides signing my name to the occassional card, I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter. I mean, actually wrote a letter by hand, not typed on the computer or emailed.

Can you read your handwriting???


Girl, Dislocated said...

Despite how much I hated penmanship class in elementary school, as an adult I have pretty handwriting! And unless I have to be professional, I prefer handwriting to typing--it's prettier! (But I hate unlined paper)

Also, happy belated birthday to GK #2 and congrats to Not a Grampy bringing back his #83 Redbull car (and himself) in one piece!

Tug said...

I used to get blue ribbons for penmanship at the county fair (yes, seriously, the county fair)...and posted a handwritten thank you note on my blog not too long looks like I'm still in jr. high. ;-)

Mrs RW said...

After 6 years of Parochial Catholic School (back when it was taught be nuns) my handwriting is classic Palmer method. We were taught cursive writing using a cartridge ink pen (anyone remember those?).

My older daughter's, on the other hand, is atrocious, as is her dad's.

Mushy said...

Not anymore, but there was a day when my penmanship was so good it cost me my first girlfriend.

Yep, I was showing off thinking I was impressing her and then her mother commented on how much better it was than hers and that's the last day she ever spoke to me!

I've been sloppy ever since!

Not a Granny said...

girl-thanks for the birthday wishes. Not a Grampy is still recovering from the driving!

tug-I saw that note. Your handwriting is great. If I posted mine here no one could read it.

Mrs. RW-I remember Palmer! And pens with ink cartridges. Remember when they would break???

mushy-wow, but you could have had her mother...right?

Ann(ie) said...

NOPE! My handwriting sucks. I only type these days unless I'm leaving a honey do list for hubby. ;)

Evil Lunch Lady said...

My handwriting always sucked. I used to have to do extra lessons in school (Catholic school no less). None of it helped. Now I could care less. I can barely hold a pen for more than a couple of minutes, before my hand cramps. So I like computers etc. They saved me:)

Nanna said...

Hmmm. I can usually read my handwriting. If I can read anything.

And oh yes, I remember penmanship class - and "junior high".

What grannies we are!!

And you know what, writing actual letters is FUN. I haven't done it in about a year but once I took it upon myself to write a little encouraging note once a day and MAIL it. To whoever struck my fancy at the time.

It didn't last long - I have a short short attention span. But I remember it as one of the funnest things I've done.

ablondeblogger said...

Nope! I have the hardest time writing slow. All the years I worked as a reporter had me madly writing notes as fast as I could and now I can't get used to not doing it that way.

catscratch diva said...

I ended up in 3rd grade grade having to take handwriting for dorks because the teacher couldn't read my writing AT ALL.

So, that experience both humiliated and scarred me for life. I have perfect handwriting now because of it. I vowed never to be called out again for something like that!

kristi said...

I do still write letters. My handwriting is pretty good.