Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

It snowed in Wenatchee, Washington last Sunday. Big, fat, wet snowflakes that stuck to the ground. Several bloggers have posted pictures of the snow that has swept across their homes, towns the last few weeks.

It was a weird winter and this Spring hasn't been much better. Even here in Florida, my pool is barely getting to a temperature that is comfortable for me. It is middle of April, for God's sake and I still don't have a tan!

Whether you buy into the whole Global Warming thing or not, you need to be aware that something is happening. Is it just the normal cycle of things? Or have we really begun to see what a billion years of not giving a damn about our environment is going to look like?

Whatever you believe, take a few minutes today and recognize Earth Day. Take a look at what is around you and what we are doing each and every day to our Earth, our communities and our futures.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I do my part

I'm sure I must do something.

Not a Granny said...

Mr. fab-yes you recycle sculpey material. That's it.

I am Trish Marie said...

I swear the seasons are shifting. Everyone laughs at me when I say this, but I clearly remember swimming in my best friend's pool every year over Spring Break. I live less than two miles from her old house. Spring Break is the same time of year now as it was then. I couldn't even get my toe in the water this year!

Bluepaintred said...

It's really all kind of scary. All of our snow was gone and melted and now there is more than a foot in my yard.


Tug said...

I thought of you this morning as I put on my flip flops! (27 degrees - but it will reach high 60's this afternoon)

Stacie said...

I know, it's so crazy! My friend in MT is buried in snow and still shoveling her walkways and yesterday I thought I was goign to die of heatstroke in's crazy!

Yay for Earth Day!

ablondeblogger said...

I've been freaked out by the kind of stuff that leaches out of water bottles so I'm planning to switch over to Sigg water bottles. Less waste too. :)

ablondeblogger said...
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*~*Cece*~* said...

Something is going on, that's for sure. Just 2-3 years ago we would begin our "ant season" by the 2nd week of March & I'm talking FULL ON ANTS. But now, almost May? No ants to speak of. Not that I'm complaining or anything b/c they'll get here soon enough.