Saturday, November 24, 2007

I May Not Have Thought This Out Completely...


We are getting ready for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. I am thinking that we may have a slight logistical problem.

See, since my father went back into the hospital a few weeks ago, he doesn't travel real well. So we decided to move the party from a large venue to their house and "supposedly" cut down on the guest list. Only close friends and family.

I, of course, was in Florida for the planning part. My sister was here in Washington State. My sister and mother were in charge of the guest list. It seems we only cut down the guest list by two or three people and that is because they are out of town.

Big deal most people would think. Three bedroom house, enclosed heated garage..all is good.

Yup, three bedroom house, built in only has one bathroom.

And even if we did order a Port-A-Potty, it is only 28 degrees.

Anyone have an extra coffee can? Or some depends?


Sheila said...

build a bon fire too. so those who are waiting for the port a potty can be warm by the fire. ;)

Avitable said...

Sounds like you need some "Oops I Crapped My Pants".

Stacie said...

LOL, I bet it will all work itself out in the end (no pun intended) Good luck and have a blast. I bet it will go off without a hitch!

Divalicious said...

I had a bunch-a coffee cans I would have gladly donated had I read this earlier. I'm glad to see all went well!

Congrats to the folks!