Thursday, November 8, 2007

Flu Shot?

Well, I will be receiving my flu shot today. I don't usually get one, at least I haven't for the last few years. Did I mention I really, really, really HATE needles?

Not A Grampy says that now that I am getting "up there" I should. So, after smashing the top of his head with a frying pan, I scheduled an appointment. Besides, I do work for an agency that has a shelter and we are exposed to all kinds of contagious bugs on a daily basis. But I am not going to let Not A Grampy know that he may have a point.

Tell me something, why do Dr. appointments have to be such a hassle? I mean give me a break, I am paying them to be able to come into their office, have a needle shoved into arm with junk then inserted into my body.

Now, I am usually at work at 8 am, an hour away from where I live and an hour away from my Dr's office. So, why couldn't I get an appointment at say, 8:30 or even 4:30? It's not like it is going to take the an hour.

Nope, they only do the flu shots between 11 and 1. Since I am the one paying, shouldn't the appointment be on my schedule? When I am available?

So here I sit, after my 7:30 am meeting, at home, (not being paid, by the way) waiting for an appointment, that I have to pay for, at a time I don't want, to have something done to my body that I really don't like.

Am I a dumbass or what?


Avitable said...

You know - Sam's Club does them, too.

Trisha said...

Then the silver lining - you get stuck for the day having to deal with this...which is a little better than getting stuck for a week, at home, without paying, throwing up (or worse) your socks. Ta da!!

Camie said...

Ahh. I hate going to the doctors. Not only do you not get the apointment that you need, but then you have to sit around and wait forever to get seen.

Elizabeth said...

Ya, Dr's really suck and DO NOT care about your schedule at all. They make all this money and still get to tell you what to do and when to do it.
But it is good that you are getting a flu shot. :-)
Good luck with the needle thing...

Tug said...

Yeah, I saw the other day where WalMart does them too.

I'm "up there", but don't get them. I'd say I don't get sick much, but then tomorrow I'd be sick & that would upset me. ;-)

Sheila said...

Tom's nurse brings him his flu shot. We don't even have to leave the house!!

Of course, he did break his neck in order to get terrific bedside treatment...

Its kind of a toss up, in my opinion. ;)

Girl, Dislocated said...

I think "waiting for an appointment, that I have to pay for, at a time I don't want, to have something done to my body that I really don't like" describes just about any kind of doctor's appointment!

I hope it wasn't too bad!

Not a Granny said...

avi-Sam's Club is part of WalMart. I HATE WalMart.

trisha-yeah, but you think baby girls shots were bad. You should hear me cry!

camie-which explains why you NEVER GO!!! Bad daughter, bad.

elizabeth-I cried worse than baby girl..*grin*

tug-see my response to avi...LOL

sheila-hmm...think I will complain about the Dr. visit.

girl,dislocated-it ended up being pretty quick..thanks!