Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Still Need to Clean Oven

Okay, yesterday I had a little accident in the oven. But, I guess I should tell the whole story.

A few weeks ago I was baking a French Bread Casserole for a work breakfast meeting that we were having. (try the recipe, it is excellent) Well, it kind of spilled (boiled) over in the oven. We have two wall ovens, so until I got it cleaned, I have been using the bottom oven.

I forgot yesterday that it was still a mess in the top oven. So, I turned it on to 475 degrees to do a "quick" cook of this french bread pizza thingy. (hey, I was sick, my head hurt, I wasn't thinking straight)....yup, lots of smoke from the spilled French Bread Casserole.

Okay, I will just turn off the upper oven, turn on the lower oven, and bake the pizza. Did that, put pizza in, set timer for 20 minutes (per instructions on box)....instructions for a regular bake, not the quick bake. The quick bake required microwaving said pizza for 1 minute to thaw, then bake for 5 minutes. Yup, I baked for 20...more smoke from bottom oven and very burnt French Bread Double Cheese Pizza.

I throw out pizza, decided I really didn't need pizza.

Now, I have all the windows open, fans on, ceiling fans on, door to garage open, trying to get rid of the smoke. Because, see, we have an alarm system that is also hooked up to the fire department. I really did not want a bunch of fire fighters out to visit yesterday.

So, I decide to clean the oven. It is self-cleaning. All I do is push the little "Clean Oven" button and in 3 1/2 hours I will have a clean oven, with just a small bit of ash to wipe from the bottom......

After about 1/2 hour I notice the smoke in the house has not dissipated one little bit. In fact, it seems that it is getting worse.

Now, I am sitting at the kitchen counter, on my laptop, looking at the oven. White smoke is now rolling out of the oven. My eyes are burning, my throat is closing up.

I had to stop the cleaning. I push the lovely little "Upper Oven Off" button. The oven now reads, "Cooling".

For another 1/2 hour more white smoked poured from my oven while it "cooled". And no, I do not have a lovely pile of ash in the bottom of the oven. I still have sticky, black, baked on even harder, mess.

The house still stinks like oven cleaning!


Camie said...

Holy crap mom. Maybe you should try the good old fashion way of cleaning it. Alot less smoke will be involved. I do have this great oder free oven cleaning stuff that works in

Tug said... sucks to have a smoke-filled house! Do you at least have wine??

Miss Britt said...

I hate cleaning ovens - mine ALWAYS stinks like that. When I do it. Once every few years.

Not a Granny said...

camie-it is supposed to be self-cleaning...

tug-yeah I had wine, but I was home sick with a major sinus headache..smoke didn't help that either.

miss britt-yeah, I am horrible, then I always get this mess.

Stacie said...

LOL, in our old house we had the fire department out no less than once a year, I bet they were glad to see us move. Every time it was someone cooking something or the self cleaning oven pouring smoke. I don't think those alarms that are hard wired to the fire department are necessarily a good thing..those guys musta thought I was an awful cook...
I hope you were able to finally get the smoke cleared.

Trisha said...

This is why everything in my house is microwaveable. LOL. Okay, not really, but that sure sounds good.

So now what does it really smell like? Pizza? Smoke? Bread-stuff? Or just Bleck?

Not a Granny said...

stacie-they alarm company usually calls first, but they have Not A Grampy's number and he was at work!!

trisha-bleck...that describes it perfectly!