Friday, November 9, 2007

Yes, I am a Copy Cat

I noticed that people wander over to blogs through various different means. On Blogger, you can just click that little "Next Blog" on the Nav bar and find all kinds of strange things. You can also find some pretty funny blogs.

But imagine my surprise when I started this blog to find out that people wander over here through Google, Yahoo, and other strange search engines.

Quite a few other bloggers have been listing the "search term" on their site. Always wanting to be one of the cool people, I will follow suit!

A few of the more interesting ways people wandered over to me:

hotgranny-well, I think I will take that as a compliment
granny spanking-only if you are providing wine
spanking granny-okay so you didn't like what you got the first time...
granny have a shower-I will tell you I do shower every day
nude on the water, heavy nude granny, nude tailgate party pics, nude mothers and daughters, parents and children nude at home-do you notice a trend here?
tug granny-again, you can only tug on granny if wine is involved.

Now what I don't understand with all that granny reference above is where is the "NOT A" Granny? I think the people above are a little confused. I am Not Your Typical Granny.

But once you see the searches below, I guess some people have figured that out:

granny porn-okay, almost as bad a dolphin, but not quite.
grannys secret pictures-probably of granny planting a rose bush.
granny making sex with son clips-not even going there.
granny in come fuck me think I would like to see those boots.

And the one that made me throw up a little bit in the back of my throat:

how to make a sculpey smile-WTF?


Jennifer said...

You would be amazed how many people search things like:

Sex with spaghetti
Growing spaghetti
harvesting spaghetti
growing spaghetti sauce (seriously, is there just a language issue here?)
Growing spaghetti in dirt (WTF??)

I think I need to put a little "buy me" image on the side bar with a can, some dirt and some spaghetti sticks in it and offer it for sale.

Trisha said... Guess it's good to be private. I'd hate to see how people found me. I'd probably cry and leave the blogging world altogether.

Well, way to go hot granny!

Trisha said... Guess it's good to be private. I'd hate to see how people found me. I'd probably cry and leave the blogging world altogether.

Well, way to go hot granny!

Sheila said...

That sculpey thing could of freaked me out a little too!

Not a Granny said...

jennifer-sex with spaghetti? OMG, I am going to have to do a post on spaghetti and see what comes up with granny sex and spaghetti.

trisha-we can't have you leave the blogging world, so stay private.

sheila-yeah, I was a little worried about what Mr. Fab was actually doing out on the internet.

Anonymous said...

there you go.... a comment from my ps3 to your blog ~JitteryJoe~

Sheila said...

wtf??! where's my comment, JJ?

Hayley said...

There's some weird people out there but it's nice to know we're all normal....whatever that is!

Not a Granny said...

JitteryJoe-I had no clue such a thing could happen!

Sheila-I'm sure it will be there soon!!

hayley-yup, we all loose our cars in a parking lot at one time or another! LOL

Rhea said...

Screwy searches, that's for sure!

BeverlyM said...

I've had people looking for me with search terms like:

"Hot mama"
"crazy menopause"
"poor baby boomers"
"sagging breasts"

Now mind you, these word associations are connected to articles I've written but it's amazing that people have actually found me that way!

This is a funny post! Stop by and visit my websites sometime: and

Rose said...

My next post is on this very thing. I blog about this ever so often. It amazes me how people find my blog. lol I'm gonna have to do an entire post on ways to say masturbate just because people are coming to my blog in search of ways. lol

Anonymous said...

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