Saturday, October 13, 2007

Help for the Blogging Community!

Those of you who know Mr. Fab over at Pointless Drivel , know that he has been nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards for the Best Humor Blog. And most of you have already done his bidding and voted for him (and if you didn't vote for him go ahead and lie)

For those new people who have not had the pleasure, spend a few minutes in the archives...just skip any of the video posts until you get to "know" him better.

He has just dropped a bombshell on the blogging world. It appears that those who are nominated this year are automatically nominated next year. He is now threatening the blogging world with continual begging, groveling and whining for votes for an entire year if he does not win this year. I don't know about you, but I can't take it. Not another year. No way, I would probably become an even more drunken slut.

So, please, my few but loyal readers, please go here and vote for him. You do have to register, but it only takes a minute. Use every email address you have, PLEASE!!! Contact your friends, family, co-workers, enemies, voting must be done and he must win!! We have until October 19 to make this hell end!


Trisha said...

Yay....I get to vote and my vote matters!!! yay!!!

Bluepaintred said...

i made up 223 fake email addresses before it got annoying.

he is like 24 votes behind.

gmail is free, but i Dont understand hot mail, go sighn up and vote !

Bluepaintred said...

wish there was an edit button

i made up 23 fake email addresses

Not a Granny said...

trisha-vote more than once, sign up for more emails....he MUST win

blue-you don't have an edit do we get an edit button...oops, I have wine..never mind (drunken commenting is about to begin)

Bluepaintred said...

meh. we don't get an edit button


Mr. Fabulous said...

You are a drunken slut NOW?

I KNEW I loved you!

Thanks, buddy!