Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunny Florida

Whew! What a nice weekend we had here in Florida. The humidity was down, nice breeze. Beautiful weather. I actually was able to sit out by the pool and get a little sun. This is the time of the year I love living in Florida.

Did I mention the pool was 90 degrees and the spa 98?

Did I mention the USF won?

Did I mention the Bucs won?


ADW said...

I am hoping that by Bucs, you mean the Buckeyes. *wink*

Tug said...




You better open the door when I come knocking!! ;-)

Did I mention the Rams lost?

Did I mention the Huskers lost?

Did I mention the Yankees are nowhere to be seen?


Elizabeth said...

Ok, ok rub it in while we are being washed away by the rain and it is getting colder and colder!!!!
I am glad you had a nice time by the pool. :-)

Stacie said...

dang...I wish I lived in FL right now. I just pulled out my electric blanket yesterday. I'm freezing my tookus off over here!

Trisha said...

Not cool. Not cool at all. Bad you!! It was damn near a year ago today that I was in Florida with my co-workers for a meeting. We were in Orlando. It was so awesome that I go to go when it was cool here (high 65 today) and so warm there. 1st and last time I got to go there. So um...when can me and Ashlyn move in?

kayli_k42 said...

I am SO jealous! The weather here in KS is crazy! It will be thundering and lightening in the morning but by noon-ish it will be oh 70+ degrees...seriously! Normal huh? My personal favorite was when it was 70 degrees one day and then 39 the very next...NOT COOL!

Julia said...

Great!! You know what I did last weekend? I put on my winterjacket!

Nuff said!

Greets Julia!

yakimafarmgirl said...

Let's the PNW it's been about 53 and pouring rain for 5 straight days - plus torrential winds, thunder, etc. I'm thinking of moving to Los Angeles! Enjoy your Florida weather!