Friday, October 12, 2007

Invisible Passenger?

While driving home from work one night this week I noticed the passenger seat belt light blinking off and on.

Now, I knew I was alone in the car, but I had to glance over into the passenger seat anyway, just to be sure that someone hadn't snuck in while I wasn't looking.

Nope, no one there. But the damn light was still blinking. I look at the seat again, just a manila folder with 3 sheets of paper and my purse. purse. Could it be? No, you have to weigh like a gagillion pounds to get the damn thing to blink, right?

Let's see, what is in my purse. It is rather smallish, only about 8 inches high by 8 inches wide. Made out of some straw shit from Cambodia. Inside, I have a couple of pens, 2 sets of car keys (yes two, one set is for the office, the other is the car key and house key) No, I don't need to put the key in the car to start it...sheesh does anybody do that anymore?

What else, cigarettes, lighter, name tag, lipstick, chap stick, 2 personal hygiene products (yeah watch it, it is that time of the month), cell phone and my wallet.

Holy shit, do you have any idea the amount of change in my wallet or h ow much that weighs?

Okay, I have now cleaned it out, let's see what happens on the drive to work!

Now leave the contents of my purse alone (voyeurs!) and go visit my daughter at Can't Stand the Madness. She has pictures of GK #2! You all want to see his pictures, because he is so cute. She even has some pictures of GK #1. Go! Now! Leave her a comment!!


DeeJay said...

I think it was a poltergeist!

Bluepaintred said...

Dude! you have a tree in your side bar. The order is Pumpkin, bluepaintred THEN tree!

Miss Britt said...

Your car knows when you have a passenger?!?!

that is cool shit.

Not a Granny said...

deejay-I wish, at least I would have some company on the way home then.

blue-yeah! isn't it neat!!

miss britt-Only when there really isn't anyone there!

Elizabeth said...

I think that sometimes cars just have a mind of their own. My car also does that thing that if someone is sitting there it will beep and the light with flash. But sometimes my car just does what it wants whenever it wants.
Cars are crazy!

Julia said...

di-di-dum-di-di-diii! (whistling the x-files soundtrack!)

If you like have a look at my blog, I wrote a post about handbags, collecting improvement ideas for the future :)

Greets Julia