Monday, September 17, 2007


In between killing off fluffy little creatures, Mr. Fabulous decided he would interview some bloggers. The response he received was so great, he posted 5 questions for people to answer, if they chose to.

In my wine induced haze I thought "what the heck, how hard could they be"

1. If I was your next door neighbor, what would you most likely say that I like best about living next door to you, and what would I say I dislike most about living next door to you?

You would most likely enjoy the fact that all we usually spend most of the weekends in swimsuits in the pool.

The neighbors on the other side of you have dogs that bark all night and all day long.

There is nothing to dislike about living next door to me, I am the perfect neighbor.

2. If you had to pick one song to define you, what would it be? If you had to pick one song to define me, what would it be?

The one song to define me would be, Something More by Sugarland.

Yours, Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy, by Big & Rich.

3. In a movie about the Blogsophere, who would play you and who would play me? Feel free to make any other casting decisions you want to.

Mary Tyler Moore would play me.
George Costanza would be you.

4. Do think science will one day be able to bio genetically engineer a flying cat, and if so, do you think it will be mostly a pet for the home, or will there be military applications for such an animal? How much would you be willing to pay for a flying cat?

I believe they have already engineered the flying cat. In fact, this amazing, wonderful, kind creature is flying all around the world spreading joy and cheer to all. I believe our military has taken a turn to a kinder, gentler military, and Joyful Cat will be used to bring all nations of the world together, with a Coke, singing a song.

5. Have you ever met any bloggers? Which three bloggers would you most like to meet?

I have not knowingly met any bloggers in person. To narrow it down to three would not be fair. So I will narrow it down to 6 timezones.

Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaskan and Hawaiian.

Now, to ensure that this post remains dedicated to Mr. Fabulous himself, he also is whoring himself out for an award. Yup, he has bitten the big one again and is begging for votes for the "Best Humor Blog" from the Blogger Choice Awards. Please pop over there, go vote for him, so we can get over this and on with our lives.

I hadn't realized he had the incredible need for acceptance. But I guess he does. Even though he visits other bloggers who live quite close, but doesn't bother to even call, send flowers, butt plugs...I will, in my never ending urge to be accepted and while eating jelly dognuts in a wine induced haze, urge you to please vote and boost his ego!


Bluepaintred said...

OMG you guys are killing me with jelly donuts! Everywhere i look its jelly freaking donuts.

Please don't ever change!

Mr. Fabulous said...

On Friday remember to put in that you have qualified for the drawing.

Hey, I'm just waiting for the invite, darlin'!

Not a Granny said...

Blue-yeah, we are a loving group like that...

Mr. Fabulous-I may have to do that. Not a Grampy gets nervous sometimes about stalkers...I told him there weren't any stalkers, just weirdos and freaks.

Kentucky Girl said...

Everyone just thinks that I'm the perfect neighbor when in reality, I'm the one calling the police and turning in the car that is parked in front of your house for 3 days which isn't allowed by city ordinance. I'm a meddler. :D

Not a Granny said...

Kentucky Girl-Yeah, fun isn't it!! LOL

Shelli said...

Very funny. Good job!

Trisha said...

If you can't take the jelly dognuts...then stay off the computer!! :o) I say this with much love and respect to all.

squirrel said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving your comment on my last post!

I didn't see this on Mr. Fabs blog. Oh yes I only read the pointless Directives blog not the other one very often. That guy is funny and I love his sculptys!

Not a Granny said...

Shelli-thank you. Hard to work the whoring into the interview...well maybe not, it is Mr. Fab.

trisha-I am having way too much fun with the dognuts...especially working them into different things, LOL

squirrel-you may want to stay away from his vblog today. I didn't even watch it after just reading the comments. I normally love his sculpty's also, until he kills off one of my favorite critters..:(