Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do you want Grape or Strawberry?


Recently I have had cause to research a word that was presented in a blog and I could not quite figure it out. This word can be spelled several different ways and still mean the same thing. I think it really depends on what part of this big beautiful world we are living in as to how you spell it.

The word is Donut

Now, I have also seen it spelled Doughnut

But just recently, I came across a spelling that kind of threw me for a loop. I was puzzled, slightly concerned, and even a little shocked. Especially since it was used to accuse our favorite Canadian, of "sittin in front of your computer slammin jelly" style.

Of course this is what I immediately thought of.

Now anyone who knows our favorite Canadian knows that the she only sits in front of the computer slammin coffee and chocolate glazed.

Here is one just for you!

The more I thought about it, though, the more concerned I became over how he was using this word:


That's right she was accused of sitting in front of her computer "slammin jelly dognuts" ??!?

Now, I have heard of Rocky Mountain Oysters and I have even attended a Testicle Festival (no I never partook of and of those particular delicacies...delicate shudder).

So obviously, single men who cannot remember if they are 32 or 41 years old, in Cass County, Missouri, not only do they drink and drive, use drugs at public events, (all noted and bragged about in a blog), but they eat dog nuts dipped in jelly. Wonder if it is grape or strawberry?

Now, not only does this person brag, repeatedly about drinking and driving, he brags about drug use, city officials participating with him. Then the man has the gall to get upset when somebody comments on his "public" blog and he does not agree with the person. Then accuses her of eating dog nuts?

So now we know what happens to all of the dog testicles when our veterinarians remove them...they send them to butthead.

Hmmm...I don't think I will be visiting there anytime soon.

PS I am not linking to his blog because he is visiting our favorite Canadian on her blog, but not leaving any messages. Plus there is another wonderful person who is personally involved and I don't want him making her life any more miserable than he already has.


Sheila said...

Hey, wait... don't be lumping everyone in that county together.

Diane Mandy said...

Back when I used to work at my dad's restauraunt refilling the salad bar, I use to refer to garbanzo beans as Squirrel nuts. But I guess that's not the same thing...

Not a Granny said...

Sheila-oops sorry, edited for clarification.

diane mandy-I never really did like Garbanzo Beans.

Tug said...

DANGIT. What am I missing here? I'm snoopy...what's going on??

Sheila said...

Thanks! ;)

Bluepaintred said...

has anyone noticed he hasn't updated his "blog" since the 17th? doesn't he normally post once a day? Maybe the emails we sent have gotten through?

Sheila said...

oh, I'm sure that he'd put something up about jelly eating dognut people effing with him about his myspace...

Sheila said...

ps - he just updated.

Trisha said...

Loves it!! Nicely put darling!!! Nicely put! Oh crap...he updated....gotta run over there now!!

Oh...your first email got shoved to spam somehow so I got your second one first and the problem had been fixed. Yay!! Stupid spam's retarded!!

Not a Granny said...

Well, at least we know his spelling has not improved!