Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not A Grampy Does Love Me

Here I am one day post surgery. Not a Grampy has been a royal pain in the ass. Not that I didn't expect him to be. He is very concerned about every movement I make. Can't do that, don't walk that way, are you sure you want that to drink. I know, I know he is only looking out for my best interest. But even the dog is starting to give him looks!!

He is an amazing and understanding person. Because I am not the best of patients even on a good day, so for all my bitching about him, take it with a grain of salt. Any woman would love to have him, but you can't he is all mine!!

In fact, when he was driving me home yesterday I noticed that he had bought me a couple of cards. Of course, right away I was way too out of it to read them, so he waited awhile. Later in the evening, when I was more socialble, (on drugs) he gave me the first card (there are three in all)..

The first one is so cute...there is a little kangaroo on the front, it says..."Twice the hugs and twice the fun" you open it up and it says "when you have two instead of one. Congratulations on the Twins!" Now I don't know about you, but I always did have two. Might not be able to see them as well, but they were there.

Okay, second card "If I may, I'd like to say..." Open card "YAAAY!"

Third card says, "Peekaboo!" Open card, "I see two, Congratulations on the birth of your twins".

We both have a bit of sick sense of humor and I laughed my ass off!! (which of course he was then concerned about too much activity)

I promise I won't blog forever about this or the new boobies. But I finally got to see them today...OHG They are Gorgeous! That's all I wll say about that!!

Sure wish I could have wine!!

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Bluepaintred said...


I'm glad the girls are settling into their new homes with minimum fuss and that you are enjoying showing them around!