Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Night Before Christmas...

Well, it feels like Christmas to me!! Yes, tomorrow morning at 7:30 am Eastern Time I go "under the knife".

And after reading Blue's experience after not holding her child for three days, (posted in the comments for my July 10 post) ((shudder)) I spent 2 hours trying to hold my 16 month old GK #2. It wasn't easy. He doesn't want to be held for that long. I did spend a little bit of time explaining that biting or hitting grandma would not be a good thing. I also asked my daughter if it would be possible to remove his teeth before I see him again...(she has no sense of humor). Well, they are only baby teeth! Blue, I know I am going to have nightmares over that story!!

Not a Grampy is taking a few days off, actually I should say nights, to stay home with me. Which will be a good thing for the first couple of days, but after that there may be blood shed. Not a Grampy is a paranoid, hypocondriac. He is the only person I know who, when he broke his baby toe, went to the Dr., had them wrap it up, and he got three days off from work! WTF?!? I have worked with broken toes, in CFM's, hiking boots, ski boots, flip flops, whatever. No one ever gave me a day off.

Anyway, Not A Grampy will be screeening all my calls, screening visitors, etc. He has already told me that I won't even have computer access until the if!!

But in all honesty, he is very caring, and will be at my beck and call. He will hover over me, bring me my drinks, my meds, blankets, barf bucket, wonder if I can get him to shave my legs?

Talk with you soon!!


Bluepaintred said...

I cant wait for you to see how little pain there actually is with this! At least, there was little pain with the reduction!

Did you take "before" pictures?

Go to sleep early and the plastic surgeon fairy will come quicker!

Not a Granny said...

Thanks Blue,
I will, oh yes, we have before pics!

By the way, why did you never mention that I had your name wrong? I had bluepaintedred. Have no clue why, Guess I was just changing your name!

Bluepaintred said...

everyone seems to either call me BPR or blue painted red, or some other variation. But thats OK< as long as y'all are talking bout me, life is fine LOL

Angel said...

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you go into your surgery tomorrow.

Take Care!!

Bluepaintred said...

It's 3:30.

You are out of surgery! aren't they wonderful? Were you scared to sit up that first time? That was most terrifying for me!

remember to keep on schedule with your pain pills! they keep the pain managed!

take your time, we will be here when your arms are not so sore and you are ready to type again!

Lemme just say HIP HIP HOORAY for firm and perky boobies!


Not a Granny said...

Yup home. God, the drive home was hell. Thanks to your great advice Blue, I have stayed on the pain meds and it has not been so bad. I sure as hell don't want to feel that again!

I will be back tomorrow. Thanks again for all the good thoughts and wishes!!

Bluepaintred said...

woohoooo! glad to hear you are home and on the road to recovery!