Friday, July 13, 2007

I am a boring person

I have spent the past couple of days sitting around the house doing nothing. Doing nothing because I have not been allowed to do anything. I am supposed to be resting in a recliner, not lifting anything over 2 pounds. For chrissakes, my coffee cup weighs 2 pounds!

So as I mentioned before, I am not a good patient. I don't like not doing anything. There is nothing on TV, Not A Grampy looks funny sleeping all the time. He is wonderful about getting up and lifting the foot thingy on my recliner, lowering it for me.

I made it a game for a little while, "honey would you put my feet up please."

10 minutes later, "honey, I need my feet down"

5 minutes later,"babe, my feet..."

10 minutes, "umm honey, my feet need to go down again."

He was very patient with the game. I don't think he has caught on yet. I got bored though.

The escorting to the bathroom was kind of fun to. I used that one when I needed to get up and walk around a bit. I will say, the one thing he did not do is go to the bathroom with me. He would walk me in the room, but then quickly back out! Smart man, there are some things I insist on doing alone.

After all of that I learned today that maybe he was right (again not something I want to shout too loudly).

He let me put the dog outside this morning. Actually, he opened the sliding glass door for me because it does weigh more than 2 pounds. I walked outside with the dog trying to get do to do his business. Not a Grampy has to take the Prius in to have some work done and he doesn't want me having to run all over the house. As we (dog and I) were turning to come back in, I tripped over one of the paving stones and whomp down I go. Note to all: paving stones put in by Not A Grampy. All I hear is "what the f**k did you do that for?!!" You would have thought I had done it on purpose. But I do admit, I am not the most graceful person in the world. Never have been and Not A Grampy knew that before he married me 20 years ago. So, this activity really should not have been a surprise. The surprise should have been that it had not occurred sooner.

But I do have to admit, as he is cussing and swearing at me, picking me up ever so gently under the armpits..oww..he is also checking me for broken bones, scrapes, smudges. He sets me in the recliner, again checking for broken leg bones, arms, he never once jumped immediately to the new twins!

I bet he locks the recliner in place now. Shit!!

God I love the man!!


kayli_k42 said...

not old...seasoned, I LOVE it! I'll have to tell my dad and the guys that next time they say their old!

Bluepaintred said...

oh noes! Are the girls ok from the fall?

Stay put dammit! give your body time to heal~


Not a Granny said...

Age is a state of mind!

The kids are fine. I just went down on one knee, caught myself with my left hand. Surprised the hell out of me though. I'm 5'10, it's a long way to the ground!! LOL