Monday, January 12, 2009

I received the phone call this morning at 3:34 am ET.

The following is from one of his grandchildren:

Dear Grandpa,

I know you haven’t been feeling well and you might not be able to read this by the time I get it to you. I also know times might be rough and life might not be the easiest right now. You still make it through day but day.Even though it has been a long time ago. I still remember the days you would play trucks and tractors with me when no one else would. Even the time we went camping you would play trucks in the sand on the beach with me.It must be painful to watch us as you lay there. BUT NO NEED to fret we all look at you just the same. I hate to watch you fade away like an innocent sand castle slowly falling apart. There are people that don’t understand what you are saying, but I can. The screams of anger, the helplessness you feel, the words you want to say. Don’t fret I can hear those word.All the times we had together are now memories, But our memories together, are just like diamonds. they last forever and will always be shiny and clear. The words and wisdom from you will run through my head forever. You will always be in my memory.You don’t need to worry about a thing because as I watch you lay there in that bed I think that is your sandbox and I will play with you as you did with me.

William O. Applegarth
November 18, 1932-January 12, 2009
Wenatchee, Washington


Shelli said...


Avitable said...

Please accept my condolences.

Bluepaintred said...

I'm SO sorry!

KG's Mom said...

Very touching letter; memories are diamonds. . . I hope you have lots of shiney diamonds! Condolences. . .luv, KG's Mom

Girl, Dislocated said...

Still sending hugs and prayers your way. Please let us know how you're holding up when you're able to.


Not a Granny said...

Shelli-he is 13, still trying to find his way in the world...I'm thinking musician.

Avi---your blog is keeping me sane right now (sick isn' it) **hugs**

blue-I'm going to find a way to visit you. You are an amazing young woman!

Mom-I'm going to call you that right now because my mom doesn't read blogs...those words are being inscribed on my dad's urn. We are also receiving military honor flags from his service in Korea. We are adding them to the engraving on the encasement for our flags. He never talked about Korea.

Girl---thank you...I miss you...What the heck is going on...where are you??????????

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Belated hugs, love, and thoughts of comfort to you.

Ann(ie) said...

So sorry my friend. I hope your precious memories help you through. hugs!!

I am Trish Marie said...

So sorry you a going through this.

*~*Cece*~* said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. ((hugs))

Tall Man Molly said...

My sincere's the day I dread, having to bury my parents.