Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Never Good News..

..when your boss calls you on the weekend.

A co-worker went in to have her gall bladder removed Friday at 5pm.

She was dead by 5:30 pm.

Some sort of "cardiac event" during the surgery.

She was 28 years old, mother of a beautiful 3 year old daughter. She was a wife, daughter. Had her Masters Degree in Social Work. Was the Director of our domestic violence shelter. Helped countless women and children escape violence, taught them how to be safe, how to live a life free from violence. Brought joy and laughter and love to her friends, co-workers, family, shelter residents. the blink of an eye.



Scout's Honor said...

that's so scary. stories like that make me avoid medicine in general.

sorry to hear about your co-worker. my heart hurts for her daughter. :(

Sheila said...

oh my goodness. I'm so sorry!

Jennifer said...

Oh. My. God.

We play too fast and loose with the scalpel. She could have lived with her galbladder, with a change of diet. THAT is the real tragedy. But doctors are way too eager to cut.

I am SO sorry for your loss, and for her family.

KG's Mom said...

I am so sorry that someone so young has died. I know she will be missed immensely by her family and friends; no one -- no one -- will ever be able to take her place. . . We all need to be prepared, no matter what age, worldly and spiritually -- none of us are immortal. My sympathy and prayers for this young mother's daughter. KG's Mom

Avitable said...

Jesus! 28?

I hope her death gets investigated fully. Unless she was grossly overweight or had heart problems, how could something like that happen?

Miss Britt said...

I'm 28.

My God.

Not a Granny said...

Thank you everyone for your sympathy and prayers. Things have been really hard here at work today.

We do have the crisis team coming in tomorrow morning and had our hotline calls re-routed to another center.

RW said...

hate to sound trite but when these kinds of things happen, especially to young people, I always think "she was too good for us." I know that might sound silly but it's one of the only ways I can make sense of that kind of thing.

Rose DesRochers said...

This is so sad. My condolences!