Thursday, July 3, 2008

Too Much Noise

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!

A day off from work. A day to enjoy time with your family, friends. A day to picnic, swim, and set off fireworks.

I love fireworks. I live watching people with their necks craned to the sky "oohing" and "aahing" over the amazing displays. I don't care if they are the professional displays or the home displays they are great.

What I don't love is the fact that some people feel the need to start their 4th of July celebrations two weeks before the actual date.

For the past two weeks our neighborhood has been a war zone. Every night someone is setting off more and more. They are building up to the Big Night.

Why am I so upset over people starting so early? Because I have a dog who panics during thunderstorms. He has been known to chew through bathroom doors, scratch through the drywall or just run around the house like a madman when thunder sounds. (have I mentioned that he is a Shih Tzu?)

Can you imagine what the last two weeks have been like?

So today, I had to contact my vet and get a prescription for doggy downers for him. Hopefully, they will help him survive tomorrow night. Because let me tell you, if it doesn't there is going to be some destruction in my neighborhood the next holiday that rolls around...

and it won't be caused by the dog!


Treasia said...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. I hope the drugs work for doggie.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Your poor doggie!! I hope he made it through alright and I hope your home survived last night.

I am Trish Marie said...

Ooops, sorry. That was us teaching the seven-year-old how to light fireworks, and scaring the neighbor while he was washing the car by throwing blackcats near him!

Although, I did make them wait until the 3rd. And our dog still won't go outside.