Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Dear

Well, it seems Not A Grampy has had enough. I fear for the future of our family. I fear for the safety of our SIL.

Our SIL is from New Jersey, (as is Not a Grampy). But, SIL has not adapted to being away from New Jersey. He still holds on to some of those "New Jersey" beliefs. Like, the Giants are the best football team in the world. (so they won the Super Bowl, sheesh, that was just luck). Or that you can only get a good hot dog at the Jersey shore. (yeah, a shore, once you fight your way past all the hypodermic needles). He also believes that a 22 month old child would have a job.

Not a Grampy has accepted and put up with a lot of SIL's beliefs. He has been a patient and understanding Father In Law. He has supported SIL, assisted with minor household discussions, participated in some vehicular sponsorship decisions.

But the final straw came Friday night.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Bud Shootout.

SIL is a Dale Jr. fan.

Dale Jr. beat Tony Stewart.

Not a Grampy is a Tony Stewart fan.

Not a Grampy has made a declaration.

SIL has to go.


Diva said...

Jr. didn't beat Tony Stewart....

He SPANKED Tony Stewart...


A little competetive rivaly never hurt anybody!!


Not a Granny said...

diva-now, now, Jr. only won because he had that dweeb Jimmy Johnson pushing him. I also think Tony felt a little sorry for Jr. you know, no wins since May 2006, so he let him have it.

I really hate how my posts change their formatting between saving them and then posting...where did all those line spaces come from?????

Kentucky Girl said...

Ooh...LOL! I love it when those things happen. LMAO! Good luck "getting rid of" the SIL! :P

Shelli said...

Uh oh. Who are they? *ducking and running*

Mrs RW said...

This, in a nutshell, explains why NASCAR has to die.

Camie said...

Oh mom, tell dad to stop being so dramatic. Can't take away my income!!!!lol

Sugar Queens Dream said...

OK, so I am with Not A Grampy on this one, BTW, TS would have won if that fucktard Kurt Busch would have been acting like an adult in practice.....
*blink blink*
Hugs :-)

Not a Granny said...

kentucky girl-yeah, you can see how my daughter feels about it.

shelli-they are amazing participants in a sport well liked in the South LOL

mrs rw-oh come on, what else would all us rednecks do for fun?

camie-you know how hard it is for your father...:)

Sugar-I know, I could not believe that. In practice of all things!!! KB should be banned from Nascar!!

Anonymous said...

Blogger is a bitty from hell!!
I'm not up with Wordpress to well yet. Learning experience!

Anyhoos, if Jr. doesn't get his big boy pants on and win something for reals this year I'm gonna be a turncoat.

Tony's hot. He's my number 2 if there is such a thing.