Friday, February 8, 2008

Freewrite Friday

I am so glady it is finally friday. I will be much happier when March 1 gets here. I can't belive these stupid grant people don't realize that a july fiscal year means just that july. there is not way I can give them a board approved budget bore woopos that is supposed to be berfore, still not rite. shit now I have my fingersa all messed up. you know this isn't as easy as it sounded when i signed up. hmm...where was i, oh never mind I don't think anyone really reads these things anyway, well besides shelli, finn, metalmom and whoever else i am missing that is participating. I wonder if we can put a little linky box thing on our sidebard is George really complaing about the copy machine again? why do men break somehting then complain when it doesn't get fixed in the time that they want/ He has been told that it won't be fixed until MOnday, get over it. Use the one in your office. Since the grants are almost done, well ia m really worried about VOICA how in the hell can they cut this program 35 million dollars and still expcet us to serve vicitms? If I don't get this written correctly and if we loose money Iwonder if I will be loosing my job?

Okay, that was fun. And no, I didn't go the full 5 minutes (I'm at work, shhhh don't tell anyone) I am going to go back and link. If you are playing along be sure to let me know. I think I will work on a box for Freewrite Friday in my sidebar!


~ Stacy ~ said...

I'm playing along! I think I forgot to mention that to every one else that I visited this morning. Oops.

I'm glad it's friday too, 'cuz I've had to get up extra early all this week. My hubby's truck is in the shop. Ergh. But tomorrow is Saturday, so I get to sleep in. Yay!

Best of luck with the grant stuff!

Finn said...

Thanks for playing!

The Absurdist said...

I just figured out what it was from another free-writing site. It's Mr. Linky ( I used the classic. You make a quick modification; well you are using blogger; not sure how to install, but he gives you great instructions.

Anyway, work can be frustrating, no?

I am doing freewriting as well.

Camie said...

See, this would be a bitch sesion for me, it seems to be the only thing I ever have to say. Complainging about husband or child trying to drive me nuts..Don't need 5 mins every week of that...

Rose said...

I'm reading and it sounds like you have had quite the week.