Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Notes

Well, here it is Sunday. Not A Grampy is fixing lasagna for dinner! Woo Hoo!! Home made lasagna, he makes the best!!

We did go see a movie last night. Haven't been to a theatre in over a year. I usually can't stand sitting there with all the kids/teens, inconsiderate adults. But anyway, we went with another couple and saw a great movie. The Bucket List. I highly recommend it. It was so funny, sad, thought provoking!

And now for your viewing pleasure! Pictures!!
This is daughter, she blogs every now and then over at Can't Stand the Madness. She hasn't posted anything since the day after Christmas. Which means I have to stalk her MySpace to find out what is going on!!
Meanwhile, GK #2 seems to be enjoying himself. Either that or he has to make a poop.

GK #1 was able to spend sometime with daughter and GK#2 over the holidays. They even gave him a mohawk. Not my favorite hairstyle on him!

And of course, the two boys, love each other. GK #2 beats the crap out of GK#1. Luckily, #1 is very patient and puts up with it. Even when he shouldn't!!


~Tori said...

mmmmmmmm... lasagna... I want lasagna!

Stacie said...

your GK's are so cute! I want some homemade lasagna! That sounds YUMMY!

Avitable said...

I've been thinking about seeing The Bucket List, but I might wait for DVD.

Diva said...

Yum! Lasagne! Must have been in the water, cuz Big T made his Famous Chili for our family Sunday dinner. You go, boys!!

GK#1 and GK#2 are absolutely adorable.

I'll have to post Lil T's mohawk. I think they're adorable.

Not a Granny said...

tori-it turned out pretty good!

stacie-thanks, I think so.

Avitable-it helped that the crowd was an older crowd also.

diva-GK#1's hair is really cut for a mohawk, so it looks funny on him!!

Granny Ruth said...

Your grandsons are beautiful! And I know, because mine are too!! Haven't blogged lately, just can't get in the mood. Boys are in CA; no contact with them. I write and send money/photos hoping they will get them and not forget us. . .luv, KGs mom --

Rose said...

Lasagna? What time is dinner? You have a lovely family.