Sunday, January 6, 2008

Managing the cold

As you have heard us Floridians complain about last week. It got cold here. In fact, we had freezing temperatures. Now, while most of the United States has been suffering through this type of weather for months, we have not.

Most Floridians are tender, hot house flowers who cannot stand the cold. We live here for a reason, we do not want the cold, we do not want snow or freezing temperatures. We are much like my lovely Plumeria trees. Delicate.

So, how do we prepare when it gets cold? We pull out our sweatshirts, sweaters, whatever long sleeved items we have kept from our days up North and dress in layers.

But, how do we protect those innocent, delicate plants that cannot stand the cold? How do we keep them warm on these awful, freezing nights? Freezing nights with wind, that won't allow sheets to stay in place?

We get creative...

See, we weren't kidding about it being cold. Look, ice on my reserve water!


Mr. Fabulous said...

Very creative! We just let ours die.

Diva said...

Adorable! Now I have use for all the sox Big T has stashed everywhere!!!!

Bluepaintred said...

You have no idea how much this amused me. When my apple trees sprout a few more branches I am going to do that too - not to protect them from the cold, Just to have some where nice to display my wonderful collection of socks!

Avitable said...

Wow. We just threw a towel over some plants and sprayed the sprinklers on the others so they'd get ice on them and stay warmer.

Not a Granny said...

mr. fab-but what will you bunnies munch on next spring?

diva-there you go! If you have colored socks you can do as bluepaintred plans on doing.

blue-it is cute isn't it!! Creates talk in the neighborhood also.

avitable-it was too windy to keep sheets on the trees. I have one that is 6 fee tall and the other is about 5 feet tall. And they are both very wide!

*~*Cece*~* said...

OMG that is too cute! lol Although I'm not from Florida, this CA girl doesn't handle the cold very well. And all my Mid-Western friends make fun of me b/c anything in the 60's is cold for me! I'm ready for Spring!

Stacie said...

that's too funny, and very creative. I'd do everything in my power to protect one of those trees if I had one..they're beautiful and smell sooooo good !