Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drive with Care

Not sure if you heard about it, but yesterday here in sunny Florida we had a horrendous car accident on I4 between Tampa and Orlando.

They are now saying 70 vehicles were involved, 4 deaths. The emergency vehicles were unable to get to the scenes due to, accidents blocking their way, people pulling their cars onto the shoulders trying to get around the scene.

That section of the Interstate is still closed.

What caused this awful disaster? It was a combination of things. It did not help that a controlled burn may or may not have become uncontrolled. It also did not help that fog rolled in during the early morning hours and created more havoc. They are reporting that visibility was down to 0.

Another piece that caused this major disaster...idiot drivers who cannot see in front of their cars driving 65 miles per hour! I don't know what it is about Florida drivers, but come on folks, when you can't see where you are going, SLOW DOWN! Do not come to a complete stop in the middle of the Interstate, but SLOW DOWN!

We get horrendous rain storms here. Rain falling in sheets, big fat drops, thunder and lightening crashing all around. Huge puddles in the road way, idiots are still traveling 65-70 miles per hour, on a 2 lane road!

What is so important to get to that you risk killing yourself or someone else?

Yesterday 4 people did not arrive at their destination. Many others were sent to hospitals. Hope wherever you had to get to in such a hurry was worth it.


Diva said...

I agree. There is a place between here and Chattanooga that is really bad. They had a huge pile up a couple of years ago. Very foggy, low/no visibility, yet people just kept on going... even though there are warning lights flashing for miles before you get to that point.

People suck. I'd rather be late than never.

Bella said...

That is soooo true! I have seen the news footage on that and it is horrifying!

I can't imagine.

BTW, like your stuff!


Not a Granny said...

diva-exactly, what was the old saying "arrive alive"?

bella-thanks for stopping by!

Miss Britt said...

Yeah, the first time I got caught in one of those down pours it scared the shit out of me. I've NEVER seen rain quite like that.

I about pissed myself on I-4 when cars started flying past me.

Elizabeth said...

That is sad! I don't think that people know how dangerous bad driving can be sometimes.

Heather said...

It really was horrible - just awful. People need to pull over already!