Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What do I want for Christmas?

Not A Grampy is up a creek this year.

You see, for the last few months I have been showing him items that I would like for Christmas. Just some things, that I wouldn't buy right then, but I would mention to him and say "you can get it for me for Christmas".

Two weeks ago Not A Grampy was complaining that he didn't know what to get me for Christmas. I reminded him that I had been mentioning items to him for the last few months. As an example: while we were on our trip over Thanksgiving, he was complaining that my purse wasn't zipped closed. I explained that it would not zip closed because, my wallet (the one he purchased for me for Christmas 2 years ago) was too big.

Now, I wouldn't mind a new wallet or even a new purse. I don't really need any jewelry (but I will probably get some anyway). I can always use Victoria's Secrets things or even a gift certificate for a Spa Day. I would really know there really isn't anything that I would say that I am absolutely dying to have. (Although he could refill my wine rack, it is looking pretty pathetic)

I would much rather spend the money on my grandchildren and even the kids. Or some strangers who will not be having a Christmas this year. We all know there are plenty out there.

But I am sure whatever he gets me I will love and I will truly appreciate it.


Tug said...

*sigh* If you don't want the jewelry he gets you, I GUESS I could take it off your hands.


We 'adults' in my family draw brother asked what I want for Christmas & I told him to ask K. I have no clue, but I've NEVER disliked anything she's picked out.

Camie said...

Well, if dad gets you a new wallet, I'll take your old one so it dosent take up too much space. Oh, that probably wont happen since it matches the D&B

Stacie said...

you know I kinda feel the same way this year...there's really nothing I need or want (besides a new camera) other than that...seriously...I'd rather we spent the money on the kids or to go on a vacation this spring or something...

Divalicious said...

Day Spa.... masssaaaage.... manicure.... aaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Wine wouldn't be half bad either.
I'm sure he'll do the right thing. I'll send him a telepathic message.

ADW said...

I tell my husband EVERY year things that I want and then he forgets. I guess he is getting some Gingko in his stocking this year.

Divalicious said...

hahahahahaha @ adw. Love it! Perfect stocking stuffers.... ginko & viagra cocktail mix.