Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An Open Letter

Dear Airport Security Persons;

I want to thank you for the wonderful, and many times thankless, jobs you have to do.

It can't be easy to have to tell people continually, even now, that they are not allowed to carry knives, guns, bleach, or ice picks onto the airplane in their carryon luggage. I know, I watched you tell a very irate lady that the pocket knife she carried for her "protection" was not allowable. I admire the fact that you stayed calm, cool and even tried to talk her out of rushing past the security gate. I do not envy your jobs.

That is why, when I travel, I try to make your jobs easier. I try to only bring on board with me the absolutely necessary items. Those personal care products are always packed in a clear, ziploc baggy, no more than 3 ounces. My change of clothing is always just the very essentials. My medications are clearly marked in their original containers.

I know how thankless this job really is and I do try in my own special way to make it even "fun" for you. Maybe give you a laugh every now and then when you have to search the checked baggage. Which is why on this last trip I packed certain adult only items, just with you in mind.


Appreciative Frequent Flyer

PS I really do appreciate the jobs they do and I am NOT being at all sarcastic! I always try to put something in the luggage that will make them laugh out loud. I think I over did it this time, they wrote Thank You on the security slip that stated they had searched my luggage. LOL


Divalicious said...

Amen, Sister! If only everyone would take one for the team and act like they have some common (and much needed) consideration, flying wouldn't be the complete and total nightmare it has become.

9 out of 10 of my flights are delayed and late arriving. Why? Because you get 1,000,000 folks a day flying around and 3/4 of them have to be hand checked and told to remove this and that.... it takes time... time times 75,000...

Anyhooo.... enough of my banter. Excellent letter, simply excellent!

Bluepaintred said...

So you are busy making them smile, and making me cry?

Guess everyone needs a hobby, eh?

Tug said...

seriously? A thank you? That's awesome........LOL

Not a Granny said...

diva-thanks,you wouldn't believe some of the other things we saw.

blue-I didn't mean to make you cry...only weep a little.

tug-yeah, "tis the season"

Stacie said...

You are a riot! On one of the last flights I took they confiscated my roll on deoderant, but didn't take even one of the 3 books of matches. Apparently it's not only ok for me to smell bad, but to light as many fires as I want. idiots!

Rose said...

Did you really pack Adult items? lol

Trisha said...

I'm with ya there. I usually have at least one thing wrong with my carryon, usually a lighter or 5. So I just start in with my wonderful sarcasm and they are laughing at chatting with me in no time!

Mr. Fabulous said... freakin' rock!

Ms. Understood said...

What is funny is that they probably hoped to embarass you with the thank you note. In addition to the toys, next time you should put a note in the bag for them.