Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Home!

Whew! Made it home last night.

Visiting family out of town is always fun. While I complained the whole time about how cold it was there, it was a nice visit. My only complaint is that I wish it had snowed while we were there.

Just a little bit, you know. There is nothing quite as magical as a cold December night, when the snow is gently falling from the sky. Blanketing the world. It is always so quiet.

So it did snow, yesterday, while we were winging our way back to Florida. Just my luck.


Miss Britt said...

Don't tell anyone I said this, but...

I hope it snows when we go home for Christmas. If it has to be that damned cold, it should at least snow.

Bluepaintred said...

wait? You WANTED to see the snow? Cus I have three, maybe four feet of it outside my door

Not a Granny said...

miss britt-yeah, snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day..that's perfect.

blue-I wanted to SEE it, not live in it!!

Elizabeth said...

Uh, you should have come to Missouri cause it snowed here and I could have done without it!!! However it was a light dusting so not too horrible.

Tug said...

Yeah, when I lived in Vegas & Phoenix I always wanted it to snow for Christmas. Now that I have it? yucka.