Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Daughter is a wonderful mother..

I had the honor of having dinner at my daughter's house this evening. She lives about 1 1/2 hours from my house, but only 45 minutes from where I work. So I try to swing up to her house at least once a week to visit for a little bit.

Spend some time with her and with GK #2. Her hubby works out of the state Monday thru Friday and Not A Grampy works nights. So it is nice to have time with just us girls. (well, GK #2 is a male, but he is only 17 months so that doesn't count).

I was watching her tonight playing with GK #2. I was absolutely amazed to see this amazing, wonderful young woman interacting with her child. I kept thinking about her when she was born, 26 years ago, when she was this age. I was remembering different parts of her life as she grew and I was thrilled that she was going to be able to experience all these wonderful times with her son.

I listened to her sing the songs to her son that I sang to her when she was a baby. With the same out of tune, screechy voice that I have. And just like she did, he looked at his mom like she was the most wonderful singer in the world.

I am so proud of my daughter and SIL. As I posted earlier, GK #2 is the result of a private adoption and to the birth mother, again, I say Thank You.

And to my daughter...I Love You, You have brought more sunshine into my life than I could ever imagine there being!!



My co-workers daughter came out of surgery pretty good. Every bone in her face was crushed and they are working on rebuilding it. Her jaw is wired shut. She has been removed from ICU and is being weaned off of the heavy pain meds. She is still on morphine. (I didn't know there was anything stronger than morphine). She was also taken off of the ventilator but still has the trachea tube. She has requested her cell phone and her parents have increased their text minutes on their plan so she can communicate with her friends!

Thank you for your prayers and I will keep you updated. She really isn't out of the woods yes.


Annie said...

This is my first visit - found you commenting on Britt's page :)

I always say Grandchildren are your reward for letting your teenagers live, and it is truly amazing to see that, while having doubts through the teen years that you have totally screwed up this parenting thing... that the kids remember the lullabyes (is there an E in that word?) and the gentle looks you had before they turned your face into that of a ranting, raving banshee on the verge of hysteria from ages 12 through 18 or however old they were when they were kind enough to get the hell out of the house... and then... you love them again!

I'll be stopping back again... as soon as my in-laws head back to Florida... OH.. LOVE THAT CAR!!!

Not a Granny said...

annie-thanks for stopping by. Grandkids are great. I did curse my daughter with the ole "I hope you have children just like you."

Rose said...

How terrible. I will keep her in my prayers.

The Kept Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by and almost offering to take my kid. (sigh)

You may be lucky to have such a special daughter but given the observations and descriptions you got out of that simple interaction your daughter is ALSO luck to have such a mother as you. There are many girls who would die for that kind of relationship...just know that and be ever-so thankful. :)

Annie said...

My mother did the same curse... My sister - deluded as she was - quipped, "So do I." And she does! And he drives her INSANE!

I hope that young girl and her friends come through their ordeal ok. It's a parent's nightmare to have something like that happen.