Thursday, August 9, 2007

I know, more of my grandkid...but they are so cute!!

Awww, the boy loves his basket protector..look he even goes for rides in it!! Longaberger baskets and protectors..gotta love em!

I can't believe how big he is getting.

GK#2's adoption was finalized in
March, 2007. My daughter and SIL went through hell to get it completed.

They met the birth mother through a friend, when she was 4 months pregnant. At that time, she was in the process of considering an adoption agency for her baby. She knew she couldn't care for the child, she was 19 years old, homeless, no family support.

She met my daughter and SIL and decided that she wanted them to adopt her baby. They had been trying for some time to have a baby. First Daughter had a molar pregnancy, not fun. We had to do a lot of Internet searching to find out what that was. (the Dr was no help). Her next pregnancy a year later ended up being tubal and which exploded and she almost died.

So, when this angel dropped into their lives we were all thrilled. Attorneys, psychologists for birth mother, everything. Birth mother ended up being induced three weeks early. The kids still hadn't had their home study completed. Daughter and SIL were at the birth, as were some "friends" of the birth mother. Home study gets completed day after birth.

Now this is where things got a little sticky. The hospital knew this was an adoption. They knew daughter was the adoptive mother. The only reason GK #2 was in the room with the birth mother was because she had requested it and the kids agreed. The hospital while daughter is at the home study encouraged birth mother to breast feed. Needless to say, birth mother changes her mind. Her "friends" tell her that they will help her, she can live with them..etc.

6 weeks later birth mother shows up at daughters house and tells daughter and SIL that she changed her mind again. The next day all parties go to attorney, birth mother turns GK #2 over to daughter and SIL. That day was my daughters birthday.

It did take 9 more months to complete the adoption. Everything had to be done all over again. You know, there are more inspections, background checks, health checks, home studies done, yet any yahoo can get pregnant.

Birth mother gave birth 2 months ago to a baby girl. I hope she can take care of this one.

I really have no ill will towards birth mother. In the end she did the right thing and gave us a beautiful, grandchild. For that I will always be grateful. I can never forgive her for the hell she put my daughter and SIL through the night she sent a text message saying she changed her mind.

For those of you out there tired of me talking about my grandkids...

Don't tell me that Not A Grampy doesn't love this dog!

He gave up his pillow... This is thrown in because everything above was getting really heavy...but this is the new furniture with dog and pillow.

Maybe the next post will be about all the different cars Not A Grampy has had in the last two years...
Stay tuned, I have pictures of them also!!

and because I am a whore for Mr. Fab..Colleen still has a sweet ass

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J. said...

So cute!!! And what a story! Wow. They must've been devastated when she changed her mind. I'm glad it all worked out in the end.
I was adopted. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate.