Friday, September 28, 2007

Heroes? Or No Heroes?

I LOVED Heroes last season. I couldn't wait for the new season to start. And I watched it Monday night. It was good, but for how long? How many new powers can there be? How many story lines will the create this year?

It seems to me that when they have these ongoing stories in series, something usually gets lost. They can carry it the first season, but then the second season it drops off.

I have found that I usually expect too much from TV shows, writers, producers. I want them to continue the excitement from the first year into the next season. Rarely does that happen.

I hope Heroes doesn't let me down!

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Find out what heroes character are you at!

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Elizabeth said...

I agree with you and have tried to stay away from this series but my fiance is addicted to it so that makes it hard.
They always seem to let me down at the end of most series.
I really am thinking they need to stop with the more powers because it is becoming a little over kill I think.