Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall Is In The Air

Across North America fall is beginning to present itself. Cooler temperatures are spreading across the continent. Jackets and long sleeve shirts are being pulled out of storage.

In New England, the leaves are beginning to change, creating an amazing show of color,

In the Midwest, while not as famous, leaves are beginning their change there also. (and some people are choking on dognuts for breakfast as they enjoy the morning)

All across the country communities are preparing for county and state fairs. Children are beginning to plan their Halloween costumes. There is talk of hay rides and barn raising's. Yes, fall is in the air and all around us.

Even here in Florida, while our temperatures are still hovering in the low 90's, we have proof that fall is here:

This lovely creature is in a perpetual state of love. They fly about you and your vehicle attached like two horny teenagers. Newcomers have been known to comment about our two headed bugs here in the Sunshine State.

Driving down the road in the morning or evening, you can hear them hitting your vehicle..."ping, ping, ping." You kind of feel sorry for them, their poor little bodies smashed against the windshield and the grill. All they are doing is fulfilling that primal urge we all have, to have sex.

While driving, you even see the swarm in front of you and think, "on no, poor little things, I know I am going to take out several hundred of you.

It can be quite dangerous to be a motorcycle rider during love bug season here in Florida, I would highly recommend a helmet during love bug season...just saying.

When you are stopped at a red light, they swarm the vehicle. They are attracted to the diesel and gas exhaust fumes from your car. They also love lighter colors, especially white.

They do not bite, they do not sting, they have a tendency to fly up your skirt if you are not careful. (that is only a rumour that I have heard)
After your harrowing one hour drive across county, you arrive home and look at the front end of your car..

It is covered. You can't see out the windshield, the front end is completely covered. On top of everything else, their poor little carcasses are acidic to the finish on your car.

That's right, if you don't get them washed off right away, they will eat right through the clear coat on your car and you will forever and ever have dead love bug imprints on the front of your car.

Welcome to Florida Miss Britt! I highly recommend keeping the top up in the mornings and evenings!


Tug said...

That looks like my windshield after a drive through Wyoming with least they don't eat my clear coat!!

Tug said...

Oh.....forgot. Do you have to wash your car EVERY NIGHT then? 'Cause THAT would suck.

Not a Granny said...

Tug- Unfortunately, no I don't which is why my paint job gets ruined.

Trisha said...

Ummm...I was liking the pictures until we got to the bugs and bug guts. Stupid bugs!! Why can't they just stay off the roadways?

Miss Britt said...

Oh SHIT! I hadn't even thought that these little fuckers might make me keep my top up.

Although, it's been raining so freaking much anyway...

(PS, how sad is it that I didn't get why they were called love bugs until I read this post??)