Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dental work on dogs.

My poor little Cesar had to go to the vet yesterday and have his teeth cleaned. He had some pretty bad breath and some really nice infection pockets around the teeth.

Now, unlike humans, dogs don't sit well and hold their mouths open. In fact, from what I understand, dogs have a bad habit of snapping their mouths closed when the vet is inside there trying to clean the teeth. I can understand that, I am not real thrilled about the dentist wandering around in my mouth either.

So, to clean a dogs teeth, the dog must undergo anesthesia. Plus, they require a catheter. If teeth need to be extracted that is an additional charge.

So, I dropped off my poor baby this morning.

Let's see:

Biomedical Waste Disposal Fee $ 3.00

Fluoride Treatment 0.00

Teeth Scaling & Polishing 76.40

Pulse Oximetry Monitoring 0.00

Fluids Intravenous 74.50

Pain Relief 33.50

Anesthesia (add. 15 min) 24.00

Anesthesia (inhalant) 54.20

Anesthesia (intravenous) 69.90

Surgery IV Catheter 0.00

Pre-Anesthetic CBC/GHP (IH) 85.50

Extraction (3 Minor) 47.40

Metacam Oral Medication 0.00

CET Hextra Chew (Sample) 0.00

CET Toothpaste Poultry (Sample) 0.00

Hills T/D treats sample 0.00

Discount -25.33

TOTAL $443.37

Notice they did throw in some "freebies". Toothpaste and toothbrush. Yup, I get to try and brush his teeth. Like he will let me anywhere near his mouth.

He has pain medication that I am supposed to be able to squirt in his mouth. Yeah, right! Like any dog, let alone my spoiled rotten one, is going to let anyone near a sore mouth.

I need a glass of wine!


Bluepaintred said...

Had you taught him how to properly floss, this would never have happened.

Shame on you!

Not a Granny said...

blue-don't laugh, they suggested that..:(

fear.of.landing said...

Wow, it didn't cost too much more than that to have my Mastiff's tail amputated and that was a major surgery. And, they told me that the pain medication for afterwards was optional so I didn't have to buy it. What kind of jerk wouldn't buy pain medication when their dog had their tail removed?

Not a Granny said...

fear.of.landing-that's what worries me about poor Cesar, can't get all the medicine down him. He only gets about 1/2.

Jennifer said...

Awww, poor Cesar. Poor mama for being almost 500 broker. Like WOW, expensive.

Trisha said...

Doggie with dentures...priceless!

Not a Granny said...

jennifer-yeah, wow.

trisha-can you see us trying to take them out and clean them??

Trisha said...

You just take them out at night and soak 'em real good. It's the getting them back in that might cause issues.