Thursday, August 2, 2007

You Can't Get Good Help Anymore

This last week we have had Verizon working in the neighborhood installing Fios wiring. Not a bad thing really, we knew they were coming. They had paint in the streets and yards for the past week or so.

I had an idea of what they would be doing. Digging holes, stringing whatever type of wire/fiber optic/magic stuff that they do, basically working to make my internet, television enjoyment better.

Like I said I pull into my neighborhood and notice all the orange cones lining the roadways, notice all the rectangle shaped holes in various yards. Many of these holes have little people in them digging away. Bless their hearts, it is already after 5pm and they are still working.

I pull into my driveway after driving 1 hour to get home. My usual drive time. I step down my driveway to get the mail from the mailbox and notice I too have a rectangular hole in my yard. No little man in it, thank God, would have scared me. I then glance up into the grass a short distance from my mailbox and notice two square take out containers, one stacked on top of the other. The third take out container is sitting in my yard, open, with some sort of oriental noodle dish in it. I look around and there is no one in sight. No little man working anywhere. I walk closer to the food dishes and notice all the empty soy sauce packages that are scattered throughout my yard, empty soda bottles and gallon water jugs. Again, I look around, nope no people.

Now, I understand that people working need to have a place to eat their lunch/dinner. I have a very large Oak tree in the yard, lots of shade.....I don't mind sharing it. So now, I am a tad bit disturbed..I pick up the food containers (all full by the way), close the lid on the open food that I really don't want to know what kind of bugs are in it, and throw them in my trash.

Hello, food unattended + my yard = garbage.

You guessed it, as I am turning away from my trash can a voice is yelling at me in a foreign language. (the language you have to press 1 for on the phone whenever you call anywhere here in Florida). Now, I do not know what he was saying, and I just looked at him like he was crazy. I mean, come one, my property right? So I go in the house.

Knock on the door, Supervisor of non-English speaking person, wanting to know where dinner for non-English speaking person is...I calmly walk Supervisor to my trash can beside the house, lift the lid and tell him he can get it out if he wants. It was cleaner in the trash can than sitting open in the middle of my yard.

I then spent 35 minutes on the phone trying to contact the Verizon installation/construction department to log a complaint.


Cheryl said...

OMG! I cannot believe they left litter in your yard and then had the nerve to come back and ask for it!! I would SO be on the phone screaming at someone!!!

Not a Granny said...

Cheryl-Believe me I was. That reminds me, I never did get my return call. Sigh..guess I will be on the phone again tonight!