Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome "can't stand the madness"

Hmmm, okay, now my daughter has joined us. She just posted her first posts at cantstandthemadness. Welcome Dear Daughter, there are a lot of great people out there.

You will have to forgive my typing skills today. My contacts really suck right now. My eye doctor is trying to fix my need for bifocals by adjusting the contacts. One is stronger than the other. Fine and dandy, except I can't read anything, can't see the computer screen...well I can see the screen, I just can't read whatever is on there. Sucks really bad.

We are having our "Hideous Hat and Hawaiian Shirt Party" today. There will be "ridiculous prizes" for the most hideous hat. Expecting good friends and family to join us.

So have a great Saturday and Sunday. If I am not too hung over, I may stop by.

Simply Sassy is starting a weekend blogroll. So if you are a weekend blogger stop by and say hi, get added!!


DeeJay said...

Thanks for the plug on the blogrolling for weekend bloggers!

I look forward to digging into your blog. Looks fun!

Shelli said...

I will check out both your daughter' and the Simply Sassy blog since I am more often than not a weekend blogger.