Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Remember, Do You?

Okay...Our Good Friend TPFKAMA at I Have A Cool Blog found this I Remember which she found from Virginia, who got it from Jane, who got it from...Okay, I know enough is enough.

I Remember When

  • Girls were not allowed to wear pants to school
  • Cashiers in grocery stores entered the price of each item in your cart manually into the cash register
  • Seatbelts in cars were an option
  • You did not have to wear said seatbelt
  • Babies were laid across the mothers laps while the mother was driving said car without wearing a seatbelt.

Okay, I didn't say everything I remembered was okay!

  • When schools actually had lockers for books to be kept in
  • If you misbehaved in school, you got a "whack" with a paddle the size of Alaska
  • You didn't misbehave in school a second time
  • Spring Break was called Easter Break
  • The only radio stations were AM
  • Which you listened to on your Transistor Radio
  • Your class all stood and repeated The Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer each morning.
  • Playing outside until Mom would yell your names throughout the neighborhood.
  • Playing "Kick the Kan" in the street with all the neighborhood kids.
  • If a girl was going out on a date, he had to meet her father first.
  • Black and White TV
  • An ashtray in a new car was not considered an option.
  • Playing Monopoly as a family after dinner.
  • The A/C in our house was a "swamp cooler". Which consists of a box, fan, vents and the garden hose dripping cold water into the back of it. (yes it was purchased that way)
  • Cloth Diapers (my sisters)
  • When disposable diapers were being tested
  • When TV Dinners tasted good!
  • Friday and Saturday nights were "date night"

Okay, what do you remember?

And Today is Sheila's Birthday! Stop by Seriously Sheila and Wish her a Happy Birthday!!


Tug said...

How many 8-tracks & 45's did YOU own?? ;-)

kayli_k42 said...

you have a surprise waiting for you on my blog!! :o]

jane said...

School lockers, I'd forgotten about those. Remember when boys would snap our bras & it wasn't called sexual harassment? Thanks for the link. :)

Not a Granny said...

tug-too many to mention! (still have some 8 tracks)

kayli-thank you so much!!!

jane-Oh yes, I do remember that. My yearbook has pictures of the student parking lot...several of the trucks have guns in the gun racks. My kids can't believe that we were allowed to bring guns to school!

teebopop said...

I remember when my parents would take all 9 of us to Micky D's and get enough burgers, fries, and shakes and get change back from a $10 bill.

I remember when wearing curlers in your hair everywhere was cool (it meant you had a date later that evening which was always cool).

I remember when you could leave your windows open and your doors unlocked at night and not be afraid.

I remember the family putting together 1000 piece puzzles in the evening.

I remember when having a telephone was only for emergency calls.

I remember rotary dial telephones.

I remember when eating candy as a treat and having my mother cut one Snickers bar into 7 evenly cut pieces.

Mostly I remember how every Sunday and Holy Day we all went to church as a family because we wanted to, not because we had to (or go straight to hell).

Not a Granny said...

Good ones teebopop, I had forgotten about rotary dial phones!

Sheila said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Phil said...

I remember when a comic book was 10 cents. When you could get into the movies for 50 cents. When a date was a movie, Mac's after, and you still had change back from a twenty. Now I am showing my age.