Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Got Some Luv

Get your minds out of the gutter, not that kind! (and when I do, I don't luv and blog)

Kayli at My Hero Wears Combat Boots just gave me this:

Thank you so much Kayli. Hope hope you hear from Austin soon! I have quite a few that I enjoy, some I enjoy terrorizing, and those who are just cause me to laugh so hard that I spew my wine all over the keyboard. (You know who you are, I've asked you to put a warning up so I quite abusine my poor Chardonnay in such a way!!)

Anyway, on to those I Luv

Bluepaintred-can't wait to see the final product on the polka dots.
Shellis Sentiments-especially since she was able to fight off Mr. Fab and save her blog.
Hooter & Other Tales of Woe-We all need a ManHo to get us through!
Spaghetti Harvest-a woman after my own heart, not afraid to speak out when she needs to!
Have a Drink For Me-Trisha is getting ready to have a beautiful baby girl and she is going to be one amazing mom!
A Pile of Dog Bones-He is back on line!! Woo Hoo! and while I am a lurker (not commenting much) I luv his page!

If I didn't list you, like I said it isn't because I don't Luv you, but I figure that you will be getting pegged with these by lots of people.


Jennifer said...

Very cool! Thanks!

Bluepaintred said...

You love me? You really really love me?

Way cool!

also. The dickass..erm ..Husband refused to get off his butt and help me make circles on the final wall so project polka dots has stalled.

for now.

(until i can find the ladder)

Trisha said...

Hey, Blue stole my thunder there. That "You love me, you really love me!!" was going to be MY line. Damn it!! No fair!! Make her take it back!! LOL.

Thanks for the luv...and I don't forget the chanting!! :o)

Not a Granny said...

Jennifer-my daughter is searching day cares...I sent her to your blog for inspriration of what to watch out for!

Blue-of course we all luv you, even if you fed Bob to the snake!

Trisha-oh yes, 2pm ET I will be chanting. Oh I will add it to Facebook and get all our friends up on it also.

Kentucky Girl said...

Aww...some of those are my favorites, too!

Tug said...

I heart you too... CONGRATS!