Monday, August 6, 2007

Back to School Shopping

I got very brave this last weekend. I took GK #1 (4 years old) Back to School shopping! Woo Hoo, you would think I would know better!

Who knew that 4 year olds had such strong opinions on what is in style and what isn't? Especially 4 year olds who don't talk well?

I pick up GK #1 at 10:00 am on Sunday. We happily climb into my car, he slips into his booster seat, I close the door, he promptly starts to cough and gag. Hmm..did I mention I am a sympathy puker? Don't even begin to make gagging noises around me. My children learned at very early ages how to puke quietly and in the toilet. So, this did not bode well for the beginning of the shopping trip.

So, being the understanding, patient Not a Granny that I am, I slam on the brakes (thank God GK#1 was in booster seat), yell "wait, let me get the towel"..and throw the towel in his lap. Little booger looks at me and smiles. I promptly get on the phone and call Daughter. I tell Daughter that she is going to need to come Back To School shopping with me, pack up GK #2 and we are going shopping. No, I don't tell her why, see my plan is if we have puking, Daughter will take care of it, Not A Granny.

Meanwhile, during the shopping expedition at Tarjay, I discover the GK #1 will only wear clothing with Cars characters, he doesn't like denim AT ALL!!! (picture screaming NO, NO, NO), there are new Superman Pajamas out that have a cape attached, and he loves to go into dressing rooms and try on clothing!

Well, $92 later, I still need to buy some more shorts and we still need to buy shoes. School starts in 15 days.


Mr. Fabulous said...

You should have asked me to come along. I totally know what is hip.

Not a Granny said...
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Not a Granny said...

Mr. Fab-Umm...not so sure about that...I saw you ppp police are still trying to find you. But I can totally see you in the Superman pj's with a cape!!