Monday, July 30, 2007

You Have a Brain, Use It

I work for a local non-profit organization. We deal with domestic and sexual violence. We have a 24 bed confidential shelter. We have an Administration office, an Outreach office and a Sexual Assault office. All these buildings are at separate locations, we even operate a Thrift Store that helps support our programs.

The only place that is in a secure location is the Confidential shelter. Get it,

Don't tell anyone,
Healing place

So someone please tell me why the women who come into this location have a need to tell everyone they run into where the shelter is located? Even to describing some of the security features...

What part of the above words do they not understand? Why can't I have them arrested..oops, sorry some of my compassion and understanding has just hit the skids.

Okay, we are in lock down again at all of the locations because a bad guy came to the shelter to get his wife. Did I mention that this is supposed to be a Confidential location?? Maybe I can go home later. First we have to find the scumbag and have him arrested. It is a felony now in the state of Florida to trespass on domestic violence property.


J. said...

I once tried to leave some bedframes, mattresses and bedding to a woman's shelter here in my town. I had to drop them off at a location far removed from the actual shelter location, and I completely understood.

I remember hearing in the news some time back of some idiot that had found his wife and children's shelter and went there and shot the place up.


It's sad, but some woman are just way to trusting.
(to be kind)

Not a Granny said...

j-I know, I know, I am venting...because it is not just themselves they put in danger, the other women and children that are there are also in danger now. As well as staff who are at other locations....ugh! (I am pmsing also) I know, no excuse!!

Not a Granny said...

j-another thing, thank you on behalf of the other shelter for the donation. You have no idea how much every little bit helps!

ADW said...

I have a family member who recently stayed at a shelter lie that for a few months. It was extremely helpful and very secretive, to protect her and her unborn child from the psycho who was after her. Thank you for what you do (=

Tug said...

I'm with ADW...thank you for what you do. That's awesome! I hope things turned out all right...