Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good People Out There!

Yesterday, J at Talking 2 Myself mentioned that she had donated some items to a domestic violence center in her community. I was really quite pleased to hear that, especially since I was pouting and venting and just being a real pissy. It did make me stop a minute and take a look at how much the people in this community (bloggers) really do for each other and strangers.

The Blogathons that were going on this past weekend were amazing! So many people in so many different communities, helping so many different charities! It seemed each time I stopped at someones blog, they were talking about different people who were participating. On behalf of a non-profit, thank you for doing this. Not only did it raise the necessary money for these organizations, it also raised some more awareness. If just one person stopped by your charity to learn what it does, it educated that one person.

For those who do not have the money, or don't want to send money to an organization you are not familiar with, I recommend you look around your own community. Find out who is doing what, who is doing something that "tugs at your heart?"

What kind of thrift stores do you have in your community? What non-profits are they supporting? In our case, our thrift store provides our program participants everything they need to start their lives over. Whether it is clothing, furniture, housewares, dishes, pots and pans, lamps, etc. they can get it from our store for free. What we don't give to our participants, we sell at greatly reduced rates. The money we raise from the store pays for all the other things that our grants do not pay for...toilet paper, food, back to school supplies, birthday gifts for children in shelter, adult and child underwear, medical visits, prescription medicines, the list goes on and on.

We are a little picky over what we accept at the store. It cannot be broken or dirty. For one thing, we do not have anyone to do repairs or wash the items. We have two full time and 1 part time employee at the store. The rest of the staff are volunteers, who sort, size, price and display the merchandise. For another thing, we are not going to give a woman and her children dirty furniture when they are finally able to get their own place.

We get some really nasty things donated. Bags of clothes that have been sitting outside for awhile....yeah, moldy, wet, cats have been in them...One day we had a huge box of video tapes dropped off. The outside covers all had children's titles, even Disney. Good thing we checked inside...Adult Videos, we had to burn all of them.

Well, this is getting much longer than I anticipated. Again, thank you for everything you are all doing in your communities. You are making a difference, one donation at a time!


teebopop said...

Don't forget cell phones!

People are always getting new cell phones and the old ones can be donated.

Mr. Fabulous said...

What a lovely post. Well said!

J. said...

People leave crap like that?
I'd be ashamed to leave anything that was dirty or broken.