Monday, July 9, 2007

My Grandchildren (I'm still not a Granny)

I realize the blog name here may confuse a few people. When my son called me at work 4 years ago to tell me that he and his girlfriend would be presenting his parents with a grandchild in a few months, my first thought was, sh*t, I am too young for this. Later that evening when they came over they wanted to know what I wanted to be called, NaNa, gammy, granny...I'm like no way, I am either Grandma or nothing! (I know it is kind of sick by for me Grandma sounds younger)

GK#1 is 4 years old now, he doesn't speak much. He can say daddy, mama, that is about it. He has developed his own sign language. GK #1 hears fine, he has been diagnosed with Apraxia. I am not going into the whole mess with what it is, if you really want to know you can look it up. Our problem is, our son and DIL have separated. Another post will fill you in on the trials and tribulations with my DIL and her family.

GK#2 is our daughter and SIL's child. He is adopted. It was a private adoption, that was cancelled, then back on. My Daughter and SIL took care of birth mother, attended the birth and were told 1 day after the birth that birth mother changed her mind. What a hell night at my house. I have never seen my SIL so distraught. Even when daughter had the tubal pregnancy and we almost lost her, he sort of held it together. Not a Grampy had to pick him up from the street when the birth mother sent a text message that she had changed her mind.

6 weeks later, on June 6, 2006 they get a phone call from the birth mother, she is changing her mind again. Note: June 6 is my daughter's birthday. After contacting their attorney again, on June 6 at 7pm GK #2 was at their house. Adoption was finalized in March 2007. Birth Mother is still involved in their lives. Much to my dismay, but that is part of the agreement. Now that she has had another child, a girl, that may change.

So now, may I present the pride and joy of our lives..(well besides the new boobs and the dog!!!)

It is going to kill me to not be able to hug and kiss and hold these guys for a while!!


Bluepaintred said...


It killed me that my almost two yearold was so mad at me i would not pick him up and cuddle him. so on day two or maybe three, i had my brother pick him up and put him on my lap. I was dying. he would stand arms up crying!

little shit was so mad at me for "ignoring " him he turned and bit off my freshly sewn on nipple!

No matter how much it kills you to not pick them up, don't do it.

after all, it sonly ten to fourteen days!

Pee ess: for my reduction I had the anchor cut, (around the nipple, down the middle and under the curve,) you will not have the same cut with your implants. are they going under the curve or through the armpit?

Shelli said...

They are adorable!! I am too young to be a granny, too. I was 36 when my granddaughter was born. She lived with us for the first 3 years of her life. She calls my husband papa and she called me mama. My daughter hated this even though Belle called my daughter mommy and there was definitely a difference. So now she calls me grandma and my husband papa. *sigh*

Avitable said...

BPR, that's a horrifying story!

I think the reason your picture isn't big is when you upload it, you have to select the "large" option, otherwise it automatically shrinks it.

Not a Granny said...

Ouch. That is horrible. No, I won't be picking them up. I am going over tonight to visit with GK #2 and daughter.

Shelli-At this point I believe GK #2 may be better off with us. Hopefully, we can get DIL back on the right track.

Avitable-I think I did have the large size clicked. Hmm..oh well. But thanks! PS No more White Russians please.

Not a Granny said...

Oops sorry, they are going under the breast and under the muscle.

Bluepaintred said...

thats a good option

here is a hint. go and buy some always maxi pads. the ones with the stay dry lining (thats important)

You will find it impossible to keep that gauze in one spot under teh curve of your bra, where as the maxi pad has a nice adhesive side you attach to your surgical bra, letting the absorbent pad soak up the ick and goo on the other.

you need the stay dry lining so that your pad does not stick to the incision. also, shave your pits WELL the night before, or the morning of. It will be a while before you can comfortably lift your arm up to shave them again!

They did tell you to get a front closing bra, right?, i got a nice soft cotton sports bra

Wendy said...

Oh they are so adorable! I had a reduction too - back in the day when they didn't know what the fuck-all they were doing - it was still the best thing I ever did :-)

Not a Granny said...

Thanks ladies. They actually are giving me a bra. Well it comes with the price, that I have to wear for 6 weeks. I can only have it off for 2 hours a day.

The Dr. did say that I could shower by the second day. The incision is supposed to be covered in a plastic like wrap. But the maxi pads are a great idea! Thanks!