Friday, July 20, 2007

A Loss in the Family

I just received word that a very dear friend from my childhood has passed away. What upsets me the most is that this apparently occurred several years ago. In fact, his death as reported to me, was from AIDS related complications.

I first met my friend through his idealistic, adventurous friend. Yes, we were friends of a friend. But we became close very quickly. You tend to do that in the early 60's when you live in very, very, very small town. We actually saw each other every day, while my baby sister was taking a nap. I was able to lay under the coffee table and watch and talk to my friend.

I always kind of felt sorry for me, he wasn't in complete control of his life. He actually owed his life to the good friend who happened along just in the nick of time and threw the train switch. He would mutter under his breath, he was even known to, on occassion, actually just drag his feet (LOL) when his over eager buddy would just charge seemed I was the only one who heard him.

Today if you met my friend, he would be the calm, cool, collected one...he probably ended up an accountant if you want to know the truth. He would be the one we all turn to in times of crisis.

Mr. Fab has broken the news to me on his Pointless Directives site...Pokey has died. ...(pausing for the collective gasp to spread throughout the

Since this announcement the amazing Mr. Fab is, I am sure, developing the appropriate memorial for Pokey. Let's face it folks...Gumby would have been completely squished many times if that brave, little pinkish red pony hadn't stepped up and saved him.. In addition, where would claymation be today without them? Sculpey Art..without the little pony.. It is just too much.!! I don't think I can even finish my glass of wine...gulp, sob..

So, I really hope you all join with me in encouraging Mr. Fab to create the appropriate Pokey memorial..he was such a strong, colorful little pony. Please join me in encouraging Mr. Fab to recognize the glory that was POKEY!


Tug said...

I just want to finish your glass of wine...

I'm out.

sad sad times.


Not a Granny said...

I just wish I had known sooner...