Sunday, July 22, 2007

Haunted Chair

I just got off the phone with my mother. They live in Washington state, where I was raised. They have had a pretty rough year, but my mother had me in absolute hysterics a few minutes ago.

My father fell and broke his hip last year, this is after a 72' Blue Spruce tree crashed into their house during an ice and wind storm.

Now, mom and dad went to stay in a motel, which ended up lasting 4 covered it but contractors really took advantage of the elderly. Two weeks after getting into the motel my father fell and broke his hip. Surgery, rehab you name it he has been through it. But, he and my mother both have been able to keep a sense of humor, which is part of the reason our telephone conversation today was so funny.

Mom got dad one of those lift chairs. My father has always had "his" chair, he watches TV in it, naps in it, etc. Since he broke his hip he has had some issues with balance, and getting in and out of his chair. Mom has had to lift him in and out. Anyway, the chair was delivered last week.

I guess dad fell asleep in his chair. At 1:30 am, Mom was sitting in her chair watching TV and reading a book. From what she says, you really shouldn't fall asleep in the lift chairs with the remote still in your hand. The chair moves very slowly and is very quiet. She is minding her own business, reading her book and the next thing she knows a sleeping man is being thrust onto the floor. Yup, he even stayed asleep until he hit the floor. Split his forehead open, blood everywhere. He is trying to figure out what happened, mom is trying to figure out what happened, meanwhile the chair is raised up fully.

I'm sorry, but I can just hear the chair now..."okay folks, did you really think I was going to sit here all night and not do anything?" My father swears the chair is haunted, mom thinks there may be a problem with the remote...maybe it is too sensitive. Come on people, it is 1:30 am, you are elderly, go to bed...I am threatening them with a babysitter!!


kayli_k42 said...

oh I love it! My grandma had one of those chairs! My sister and i loved that thing! When she wasn't in it, we sure were, not cause I'm clumsy and I have poor balance but because I was lazy and it was fun!! I like the haunted theory.

Not a Granny said...

Kayli-Believe me, if my grandparents had one of those chairs I would be in it also. To tell the truth, when hubby and I were shopping for a new recliner this past month, we played with those chairs a bit in the store! They are fun!!

Tug said...

So your dad's OK, right?

I can laugh now??


Not a Granny said...

Yes, Tug he is alright. Um a bloody forehead, wounded pride. I am going to set a video camera up in their house...oh yeah the Nanny Cam then I can keep track while I am at work!

Lots of good it will do, they are in Washington State I am in Florida!

Not a Granny said...
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Anonymous said...

That was good mom. I can't beleive the luck he has with chair...only grandpa...