Thursday, August 2, 2012

Comeback Kid

So, now that I have decided to start blogging more I need to find something to blog about...something that is profound, interesting, that will draw you all to my little corner and make you stay forever.

Yeah, not quite.  Instead I am going to entertain you with some aren't you thrilled? 

Meet my newest granddaughter Jasmine and her daddy Curtis!

Here she is again....Almost 6 months old, teething, crawling and being just darn cute.

And these are 4 of my 5 granchildren...from the left Jorden, Jonathan, Dominic and Jasmine.  (hmm..Dominic has the wrong does not start with a J)  Missing from the picture is Morgan who lives in Ohio.

So there you update to what has been happening in my life....Many more updates to come..Rotary, work, pool, know all the exciting award winning blogging material!!


Sandi said...

Adorable little ones. I am not a grandma yet, but think it will be awesome when I am!

AmyD said...

Great pics!!!! Too cute!

Shelli said...

I like the Olympic bathing suit on Jasmine. ;)

Grandkids are fun. I had my oldest overnight last night and she never wants to leave. I wish she didn't have to. :(