Monday, August 6, 2012


I have never been a big baseball fan.  To me, it is just too slow....almost as bad as golf.  Sigh.

I had the "honor" of attending a baseball game this Sunday.  Yes, gave up my Nascar to watch the Rays play the Orioles...The Ray lost, 10th inning.  10 innings.... 10 innings of no scoring, no cheering...., 10 innings of a numb butt...

At least the wine was cold.


AmyD said...

Not a big sports fan here either and I've never gotten into racing. It's just not my thing. But, as you know, I do love a live baseball game. ;) It might just be a phase for me, I have to be honest about that. :D

Shelli said...

That is how I feel about Nascar. *ducks and runs* I just do not get it at all. They are driving around in a circle. Paint drying. Please don't hate me. That being said, I hate boring baseball games where NOTHING is happening. No scoring or cheering or anything. Even worse when it's too cold or too hot or raining or, worse yet, snowing. (I know you don't have that problem where you are. LOL) I prefer football to baseball anyway. :)

(Really, please don't hate me. :) )

Not a Granny said...

Don't worry Shelli, I have quite a few friends who are not Nascar fans. I just recruit them by having them come over to my house to watch a race...float in the pool...enjoy adult beverage. We do stop when there is a wreck..otherwise..LOL

Amy I think the game would have been better if something, anything
had happened...sigh