Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Divorce Looming

Not you can take a breath. 

My daughter and son in law are divorcing.  Her choice, but after 9 years and a beautiful grandson....It is hard.  It is hard to have someone you love as your own child leave your life, turn on you, break you heart into a million pieces.

My SIL wanted to get back and hurt my daughter as much if not more than she hurt him.  He looked for a way to actually crush her, destroy her, make her feel like her world was ending.  He could not see that what was happening was also partly his responsibility...his lack of emotion.

So what does my SIL do??  He decides that he is in love with the birth mother of his son.  Yes, the birth mother of his adopted son.  The same woman that he could not stand to have around, did not want anywhere around his child.  The same woman that changed her mind and decided to keep the baby right after the birth, then 6 weeks later changed her mind again.  The same woman that for 6 years he complained about being involved in their lives.

He loves her now....he takes his son to her house when he spends time with her and her 3 daughters....

How can he do that to people he was supposed to love?


Sandi said...

I hate it when people hurt each other. Especially when I can't do anything to stop or help it. Sorry your daughter and your family is going through this :(

Jennifer the Soap Lady said...

I'm sorry P. To be honest, it sounds like he is scared to be without love. At least from how you describe the situation. He is clinging onto someone who does. Perhaps he is also trying to make your daughter jealous.

Either way, your daughter must really be hurting now, so I hope she finds comfort with you both.

AmyD said...

People change dramatically in divorce situations. I watched my parents do it, it was like aliens had taken over our family.

The real problem is when parents don't act like parents and act like wounded animals instead (like your SIL) - when the #1 focus should be keeping a stable life for their children. He isn't showing much concern for his son and that should be his first concern.

Shelli said...

My mouth is hanging on the floor. I don't understand how people can be so mean and hateful to someone they claimed to have loved.

Not a Granny said...

Thanks all. It is just so hard when someone has been a member of your family for so long.