Sunday, January 10, 2010

Was It Only Last Year

January 2008 I wrote this, it was all a lie...well not all a sister was at the house taking care of my parents, our father.

January 12, 2009 he died...and with his death, my sister learned the truth..she is not the most important person in the world..she is not someone who people will look to for assistance, or even look to for guidance. Why not??? Because my sister is a drug addict who is taking advantage of everyone who ever loved her or cared about her.

My sister was able to go off of the drugs when she got her "fiance"..well that is what Larry has been introduced as to everyone..she even uses his last name sometimes....(we assume she was off the drugs only because the baby was born perfect)

She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl..a child who has been exposed to some of the ugliest parts of life. I have to say, I am only guessing at the last statement..I have not personally seen anything that I can say puts the 1 year old girl at risk...only conversations over the phone.

Since January 12, 2009 our lives have all changed. My mother came to Florida this fall and spent 9 weeks here. She left my sister in charge of the house, paying her bills (all she had to do was mail the envelopes),.

When she arrived home, the house was a disaster, worse than a disaster, unlivable..just found out tonight (months later) that my sister had let some "friends" live there....she didn't mail the bills on time.....didn't do a lot of things.

Now my sister is mad at me because she can't understand why her "fiance" is in communications with his ex wife..I told her so what? You communicate with your ex..(he has custody of her 3 boys because she was determined unfit due to her drug use).

She hung up on my and screamed and yelled at our mother...slammed doors...screamed some more and left the house...

Note to my Sister:

Hello? You aren't even drop off your child and spend your nights are the reason you don't have a are the reason he went to are the reason he doesn't care about you...

You told me that you don't want to be with is your opportunity...

Oh wait..I don't work because you are haven't worked in 25 years...since you got married the first time... had an affair on your second husband....after a 20 year marriage (that you claimed was abusive)...we did find out that you were the abuser..of drugs.

The next time you are answer our mothers phone, and I ask to speak to our mother.....if you throw the phone and break it, I don't care what our mother says, I am calling the police on you, you will go to jail and I will make sure you do not have any contact with any of your children...including the baby girl.

You are out of control and need help, help I or mom, or your "friends" cannot provide. You need to check yourself into a need to be away from your "friends" need to Grow Up!!

My sister is a drug addict and tonight, on the road to destruction...2,000 miles away.


Jennifer said...

Some people never grow up. It's sad, you want to help, but know that there isn't any point. She has to learn on her own,

Bluepaintred said...

if the baby is in danger, you need to call. seeing as you are 2000 miles away, its hard to say for sure if the baby is in danger. are there people you trust who can watch out for her? and also, if your sister is throwing phones and breaking them becuase you call you mom, I assume she (and the baby?) live with your mom?

Is there a chance she is abusing your mother, emotionally, physically or monetarily?

I wish I could help in someway that doesn't involve snoopy questions :o(

Scout's Honor said...

Oooh, ouch! Wow, and I thought my relationships with my sisters were difficult at times.

It sounds like you got the good sense in the family.

Forget her and just try to focus on the welfare of your mother and her baby. Do what is best for them.

So sorry.


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Wow. It is like you are talking about my aunt.

When my grandfather (her father) died on the floor of his bedroom, she went through his wallet before she called the ambulance...

We just had to cut ties completely with her. Hopefully you can just be there to support your mother and that baby girl.