Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Owwie! Owie!! Owwie!!

I broke my rib. The 9th one on the left side. (who knew ribs were numbered)

I have 20 people coming for Christmas dinner in two days and I can't do shit...

Did you know they don't wrap the ribs anymore? Nope, just leave them on their own with instructions to rest and not partake in any strenuous activities? WTF does that mean??

I have this breathing thingy that I am supposed to take 10 deep breaths into every hour. That's to make sure I don't come down with pnuemonia. See since my rib is broken I don't take very deep breaths...(because it hurts like hell).

I have to go to work today, I am off tomorrow and the rest of the week, but I have to go in today. Shit, that means no Vicodin...

Oh, how did I break my rib you are wondering????

I jumped off of the bar stool out by the tiki bar Saturday night. Only when I jumped down, I forgot that my left foot was wrapped around the bottom wrung...Yup, slam right into the wooden/tile top of the tiki bar.

Did I ever mention that my mother never included Grace anywhere in my name?

Merry Christmas to all!! Wish me luck with dinner, Not a Grampy will be doing most of the work!!


Avitable said...

Ouch! Happy healing!

Jersey Girl 43 said...

From a girl who has broken several ribs, bar stools not included. Do yourself a favor and make yourself breath. I know it hurts like hell and you will curse me mighty, it will save you from fluid in your lungs. Another trick I used was heat on my ribs. I use to lay with a heating pad on them, it soothed my pain away, and I soaked in Jack Daniels, (hey it worked)...
Merry Christmas to you and I hope you heal fast.

Bluepaintred said...

oh my OUCH! That sounds so much like something I would do! I hope you start feeling better Fast!

Not a Granny said...

Avitable-thanks! I wish I could have some wine, I would be happier!!

Jersey Girl-they gave me one of those damn breathing sucks (ha ha)

blue-I thought of you actually, while they were x-raying me! LOL

Scout's Honor said...

ouch! ouch!

get better. No grace in my name either.

Maybe a little of the dog that bit you will help? A little holiday libation often takes the sting out.

Happy Holidays.

Thanks for visiting. Trying to get my blogging mojo back here. Snow days are helping because I can't shop because of the roads here in Seattle are slickery and Washington drivers are fools. Bonus: I can lock the kids outside in the snow. Heh!

Jennifer said...

Ow, that hurts like a sonnobitch.

When I had surgery, they spread my ribs open to expose my innards. My ribs were bent like that for 8 hours. I wanted to die when I came too.

Never broke a rib, but having them bent (and I guess bruised all to hell) fucking sucked!

Make Grampy do all the work, or have a friend come over and order them around for a while. I would if I didn't live a million miles away.

Take care of yourself and remember DONT chase the pain. Take pain meds as prescribed, even if you feel OK.

KG's Mom said...

Ouch! Bless your heart! Two words -- pot...luck...Or two better words -- cater....ed...After a couple of Bailey's, I think the latter-er is the better-er. Merry (hic) Christmas! luv, Granny

Not a Granny said...

Scout-I've been watching the weather's is nuts!! Hair of the dog is good, but not when I'm on the pain meds! :)

Jennifer-Not a Grampy is doing everything. Only problem he is doing it his way....not mine....hmm...

KG's Mom-Yup, Bailey's in my coffee this morning...makes everything better. Merry Christmas to you!!

BlondeBlogger said...

You poor thing! That happened to my mom. Her dog took off all of a sudden and pulled her down to the ground.

I remember her having to do that breathing thing, too. I'd never heard of that until it happened to her. So sorry you're going through that, and it's the worst time of year for it to happen!

I hope you had a merry Christmas despite it and I hope the New Year brings you lots of happiness and blessings! *hug*

Anonymous said...