Monday, October 13, 2008

Am I an Aunt Yet?

Sometime today I should become an Aunt.

Yup, my sister headed to the hospital at 6:15 am Pacific Time to begin the process of bringing her latest bundle of joy into the world. (this will be child #4)

This is her surprise child, actually #3 was a bit of a surprise also, but my sister has always been full of surprises.

I think the biggest surprise is that this little bundle of joy is a girl. Yup, finally getting a little girl.

Boy oh boy is she getting a girl. A very stubborn little girl. See, the child isn't due for a couple more weeks, but she is currently in the breech position. A week of the Dr. trying to turn her around to get into the proper birth position was not successful. In fact, a couple of times he had her turned and everything was good, he was even still holding on to her, and she did a flip and flop and was right back up where she wanted to be.

On top of that my sister is having a bit of a problem with her blood pressure, it is sky high and not coming down with any medications, so it looks like we will be having a C-Section sometime today.

Hee, hee...sis you have no clue what you are getting into with this little girl.

Love ya!!

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Ann(ie) said...

Hope all is well!! I'll bet she's excited to finally buy pink stuff! :)