Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Has the Time Gone??

Whew! October is almost here! Actually, depending on when you are reading this it may already be here. But I am posting this on September 30 so for me, it isn't here yet!

As you can tell we survived the baby sitting of GK #2. We actually had a great time. Sunday was one of the happier days. His parents showed up and took him home. We both crashed very quickly. We have some great pictures on the camera!

Last weekend was our 21st Anniversary. We went to the Melting Pot for dinner Friday night. Had a great time. I love fondue, I just don't like to make it at home because I hate all the preparation and clean up. So any time I can get some one else to do all the work, I jump at it. Have some great pictures on the camera. Not a Grampy and I do clean up pretty well.

Sunday we went canoeing on the Hillsborough River. I had never been canoeing before so our 2 hour jaunt down the river was a new experience for me. (Not a Grampy may have gotten a little frustrated with me) I kept forgetting that I was supposed to be paddling, especially when we were slamming into the bank of the river...

We saw some fantastic scenery, just looking at what our area looked like 100 years ago was amazing. Saw lots of birds, heron, blue herons, little itty bitty birds, even a gator or two. The highlight was sitting in the front of the canoe and hearing "swoosh, swoosh" and looking up and seeing a Bald Eagle flying over the top of our heads. He landed in the tree ahead of us. As we passed by the tree, he took off and landed in a tree ahead of us again. He did this two or three times. I hadn't seen a Bald Eagle that close since we lived in Kodiak. Again, I got some Fantastic pictures.

I would post all the wonderful pictures that I took. Well, maybe not all of them but at least one or two....if I could.

It seems our card reader on our computer ate all the pictures off of the card and won't give them back.

Every. Single. One.

Time for a new camera.

Not a Grampy says we just need a new reader.

Pffttt...he wasn't the one looking hot on our Anniversary!


Mrs. "Smith" said...

Belated good wishes, and glad you liked the post!
I hope you can save your pictures.

Practically Joe said...

You like to fondle???
Oh wait ... that's fondue.
You like fondue.
Okay ... nevermind.